Thursday, October 25, 2007

What The Hell?!

OK folks I thought I wrote a sex blog, not a barf blog.
I've had 7 comments on Debbie's Explosive Night and zero on the tribute to CJ or my latest installment of my cheating story.
What's going on here?
Am I missing something?


Midwestern City Boy said...

I think I would look at it the other way. That people care about you (and your health) even when your not writing about sex.

gf said...

hi deb im here but i dont comment much still love the blog

chud said...
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chud said...

I think I..uh...I mean we all would like to see more pics of you. That should get people commenting!


In all honesty love the stories, keep them cuming...the clit tickles will increase.

Bunny said...

See, most of us don't have a fabulous partner like CJ and we don't have sexy stories to tell, but we can sure identify with barfing and diarrhea!


MCB is right - people care about you and wanted you to know how concerned we were.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the concern everyone and letting me know that the stories are being read.
I just got back home after a weekend in NYC and will have a new post this evening.
I'm getting ideas for more pics and I'll get CJ behind the camera soon.

G said...


I've been reading your dirties and waited...what?....a MONTH for you to get on with the G-D- filthy story. So, yes, the cheating story is rockin it and the barfing bit (although you get and had much of my concern for your health and well being) - not so rockin. Love the blog. ;)

Pdevil said...

I agree! Why is sex such a no no. Why censor out sex, a natural act, and leave in killing a violance. I would much rather have my kids practice good sex then good homocide.