Saturday, October 6, 2007

Subject: I Want You (Appreciation II)

It’s been a while since I started this story; so don’t forget the previous installment here.

If you want to go the beginning start here.

This time it took a little longer to hear back from Mark. I figured I blew it, made things too real too fast. I consoled myself by knowing that at least I wasn’t fooling myself. I’ve known for most of my adult life that I get in trouble by wearing my heart on my sleeve, but at least I'm honest, right?
It’s just that I’m living a lie in regards to my home life. I still hadn’t confronted James about the news I got from our nosey neighbor.

Then on one particularly gray non-descript kind of day I opened my Apple Mail to an email from Mark. It had been over a week, but I was still glad to see it. I was almost afraid to read it. I settled in at the kitchen table with my coffee and proceeded to read the thoughts from a like mind. Mark apologized for not getting back to me sooner, but he needed to think. He needed to think about all the consequences of sleeping with a married woman.
He described the same sort of sleepless nights that I had, trying to figure things out. It was different for him, he wasn’t attached. I would have never even entertained the idea if I didn’t know for sure James had cheated on me.

In the end he did exactly what I needed him to do. Mark gave me a time and date along with a place to meet him. I was familiar with the restaurant he mentioned; it was part of the downtown Hyatt Regency hotel. He asked for an RSVP as soon as possible.
The last part of his email told me what he wanted, and I was more than ready to comply. He told me what he wanted me to wear. I didn’t mind because all his wishes were sexy to me. He wanted me only to wear a garter and stockings, no panties and, as he put it, my prettiest bra. He wanted a simple dress, black if I had one. Light on the make up and perfume. Finally a set of high heels.

Mark also let me know that he expected me to be a very willing participant. He wanted full pleasure from me and wanted to fully pleasure me.
He expected me not to get myself off until he saw me. And insisted that I promise I wouldn’t. He wanted me to bring one toy I played with when I thought of him or cybered with him.
I didn’t need to think anything over this time. I replied telling him that I would be ready in two days with everything he wanted. I made the requested promise of not letting any of my toys touch my pussy until I saw him.

It was a mere 48 hours until I met Mark, until I could feel appreciated as a woman again, but the time crawled by, it was excruciating.
Finally the day arrived, I was meeting Mark at 1:00pm downtown. I kicked around in my pajamas after James left. I didn’t even kiss him goodbye. Then I showered, trimmed my pussy, and put on one of favorite light fragrances, aptly named Wonderful. The only makeup I applied was a little eye shadow, mascara, and lip-gloss. I slipped easily into my stockings, bra, and dropped my black dress over me. Simplicity if often a statement of elegance so I chose a pair of drop pearl earrings and a silver chain necklace for my jewelry.
Finally, I grabbed a purse, slipped the one toy I was requested to bring, and put on my shoes.
I got to the restaurant about ten minutes early. I looked at the sparsely populated bar to see if Mark was there yet. It was early in the day, but I wanted a drink badly. Then a handsome man in a navy suit got up and approached me.
“Debbie?”, he said warmly.
“Yes”, I answered, probably sounding sheepish.

He put his hand behind my back and led me to the bar. I ordered a Cosmo and we talked. Things quickly became familiar. True the vodka relaxed me, but I did need it a little bit. We moved to a table and enjoyed a light lunch, we keep the conversation just as light, not fooling ourselves about what was going to be for dessert and why we were here. That was fine with me. We finished off with some coffee, and before I had finished my cup Mark pulled a key from his pocket, showed it to me, and said,
“It’s time honey, I need you”
I nodded, we stood, paid the bill, and headed to our room, I felt butterflies flying between my guts and my already dampening pussy.

There was no more waiting…it had begun. I was married and going to a hotel room in the middle of the afternoon with a man I met on the internet. That was the last time I thought of James.


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