Saturday, July 30, 2005

Intro and Bio

I Need An Outlet

I started this blog just because I have an active imagination and I needed an outlet.
I enjoy sex, have a wonderful loving partner that is my soulmate, and my dirty little mind is going to be on these pages. Some things are just fantasy, others facts, others ideas and even current events that may apply.

I studied Psychology and Biology in college to be a Sex Therapist, although I do work in the mental health field, that dream never came into being.
Instead I married, had a wonderful daughter, who is now in art school, got divorced, dated a little, and reunited with my ex after 17 years of not being in touch at all.

I am free in my expressions through my body, sex and love-making are forms of art to me.
I hope you feel just as free here to let me know what you enjoy right along with with me.