Sunday, July 30, 2006

Happy Anniversary-A Retrospective

Today it's been a year since I thought I would express myself through a sex blog.
After only a year I can say things are turning out better than I had expected. After reading some of my fellow blogger's sites (many of which you can check out on my blog roll) I wondered if I would last a month. I was a very small blogger in a very big blogsphere.

Finally I easily began to share some of my quirks, preferences, and feelings on the subject of sex and making love. For example, I'm a female who likes to watch and wanted to know who else did.

The real human world crept in abruptly at the end of August last year and I joined fellow sites that were pleading for Hurricane Katrina relief.

Any type of explicit picture (in this case a painting) was first used when I expressed my philosophy about my sexuality.

Eventually I got around to writing my first fantasy story, using one of my long time favorite subjects:exhibitionism.

The first photographs of me that were put on the site were taken with CJ's phone and were in celebration of the latest adornment of my body

After that, with the help of both my reader's and CJ's encouragement, my first tittie shot.

CJ actually made his first post because of unpleasant circumstances and the responses really helped me through my recuperation.

Next, I fell into the fun of a sex meme.

Thanks to a picture taken a while ago I was able to join in CBW with a picture of CJ's friend Mr. Happy.

The next day I joined in the HNT celebration with our newly acquired digital camera. Things really took off, if you'll excuse the pun. For now I was only ready to show off the scar from my gallbladder surgery.

The pictures of myself got naughtier, thanks to the digital camera, and I celebrated one of my favorite holidays in full style.

The whole idea of pictures of me started turning on more and more. One of my first and favorite sets is one of me doing CJ in my own special way.

I expressed my love for CJ in ways other than physical on the blog too.

The fascination and fetish with the camera now had me shaving my pussy bald on a regular basis. I showed off my 'new' pussy and it's jewelry.

Thanksgiving rolled around and I let every know what I was thankful for....yummy.

Then Christmas time brought us a new and different take on Christmas balls.

The New Year brought along a need for me to post a reaffirmation of my love for CJ.

In the New Year also brought my readers the first story by CJ. He knows what I like.

I got a new Apple iBook at the beginning of the year and in the process of taking files off my PC to put on my Mac I found an interesting email that I shared.

There is a whole set of those emails and I finish up with one that included pictures.

As Spring neared CJ took one of my favorite pictures on the blog for HNT.

Spring Fever intensified and I started a new, but sporadic, feature on the site, my toy drawer.

March ended with the honor of Late Starter making artwork of me and a sexy bra.

Much of April consisted of writer's block for me and dealing with the feeling that I had lost my 'groove'. I decided to write a story about getting my groove back to work my way through it and it worked.

Since food and sex oft times go hand in hand I started another feature for the blog, recipes that fit into being sensual or romantic situation.

Then came something that was a lot of fun for me. I helped that Dirty Couple in Virginia complete a task by having cybersex with Ken. I promised pictures afterwards and they were posted as promised. The next post described our encounter. It was all very hot!

CJ came out of hiding with his writing talent one more time as Summer closed in with his naughty schoolgirl.

June 18th was the day CJ and I got married, there were two more reasons to celebrate that date this year.

As for this month, everyone seemed to like the way I celebrated Independence Day.

Most everything else is visible below this post. Between CJ's encouragement and my fans here at 'The Diary' it's been a great year, full of new discoveries, new friends, and learning experiences.
This doesn't even include all the wonderful blogs that I have uncovered in this past year.
And I can't tell you how much I look forward to the next year of blogging.


Desireous said...

Happy Annerversary! Great cake!!! *raising glass* Here's to many more years of Dirty Debbie!


Desire X said...

What a great year it has been! A journey that has taken you through so many changes. I remember when CJ was just a name in the posts you wrote. I remember when he came to join you here, when he became 'real' to the rest of us.

I remember beautiful tattoos that left my mouth watering. I remember love and pain and offerings made to the Goddess for better times and strength.

And through it all you have grown into this wonderful, strong, amazing woman.

A toast to another year of teasing and satisfying, great sex and sharing.



DG said...

Happy Blogversary! Love the cake

Anonymous said...

Thank you's your kind words that have kept me going through thick and thin.
Let's keep having fun!

good girl said...

Happy belated anniversary, and congratulations!

Your blog is wonderful, so well-written and interesting.

Love the cake!

averagedrinker said...

the whole cyber journey has made me a stronger woman. chatting on webdate_dot-com has made me from a gullible girl to a less-worry kind of woman. it has changed my view about love and relationships as well.