Friday, April 28, 2006

Debbie Keeping Her Groove-Part Two

The lover that wrote this email was someone I met over the internet around 1996, he was one of the first guys I met face to face, after being off and on for several years, the relationship got serious, and ended when I reconciled with CJ.
We started out cybering on AOL, and sending hot email back and forth, then moved onto phone sex, finally meeting and forming a relationship.

It was how I kept the groove going.
I would always enjoy checking my email and finding a message like the one below from him. Luckily I found this old email and one other that I’m able to share here

Subject: Re: A Small Taste Of Things To Cum


[nice small talk]

Now on to better things...
I call you and tell you to meet me at that small inn we always go to…
Room 231...

I tell you to bring yourself and nothing else. I tell you to enter without knocking. I wait about half hour and then crack the door a little. I then lie down on the bed and close my eyes as I wait for you to get here. I only have to wait a few minutes.
I hear the door swish open on the hinges; I feel the displacement of air as it swings.
I feel goose bumps rise on my arms and all over my body.
I tell you to lock the door and to get undressed for me. I hear the click of the lock and you turn the deadbolt.
As I hear it click and I feel a tingle in my balls as it slides home.
I open my eyes and watch as you undress for me.
I see you slide your shoes off and place them neatly under the bed.
I watch as you pull your top up and over your head.
I shiver as I see a nice black lace bra come into view.
I see your breasts rise and then fall as you pull the top over your head and throw it to the floor.
I keep watching as you unbutton your pants and then slowly unzip them.
I hear the zipper buzz as you pull it all the way down.
I then watch as you push the pants to the floor.
I see a matching set of panties come into view.
I feel a stirring in my cock as I watch you step out of the pants. I have to adjust my pants to be more comfortable. I see you smile as you catch me doing that. I see you move your hands to unhook your bra. There's a faint clicking sound as you undo each clasp of your bra. The material gives way to perfect breasts that are only mine to suck and nibble on.
I tell you to come over and feed me. I reach my head up as you bend over and feed me one of your nipples. I start by licking around the nipple and then I suck just the nipple into my mouth. I suck on it and swirl my tongue all around it and I hear you start to moan. I remove my mouth from one and then start to eat your other tit. I am so hungry for you Debbie. I can do this all night long.

I reach down and start to undo my pants. I feel you shiver as you hear my zipper being pulled down. Goose bumps rise on your arms as you hold your tits for me to keep sucking on. I raise my hips and slowly pull my pants down and off. I see you steal a glance to see if I am wearing any underwear. Your smile is wicked as you see my cock spring into your view.
I know what you are thinking right now.
You want my cock.
I will give it to you when I think you have been a good girl.
I will leave the next installment go until tomorrow.

Remember that I love you….
[mushy stuff]

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Lucky Guy said...

I can imagine, Debbie, how you must have felt. Before I got the lunchtimeblowjob last week (see our blog) my gf gave me a call and told me in detail what she wanted to do with my hard cock. The imagination that resulted from that was terrific. A had a hard cord immediately and when she sucked me 2 hours later I had a knee-weakening orgasm because I was sooo aroused. It´s always hot to know that someone will fuck or suck you soon:-)