Sunday, April 2, 2006

A Lazy Blogger?

I just got through looking the posts of this past month (March) and I must say I'm disappointed in myself, or at least this seems to be the first month I have not lived up to my own expectations.
Yes, there were plenty of posts, but they are mostly pictures, or 'easy' topics. By that I mean true stories, information copy and pasted from some newsletter or magazine, the very basic stuff.

I started working on this site for it to be a depository of my erotic stories and not one has been included since February 28th.
I would hate to think that my muse has left me, but I can't find, nor seem to even force any inspiration.

It's depressing.

I have gotten started on two stories, one of which is my first attempt at writing in the third person, but they are not flowing out of me as the others have.
I don't have as much time alone to do my writing as I once did, but that shouldn't prevent one or two ideas at least slipping into my consciousness, but that hasn't happened.
I don't think that writer's block is the same among erotica writers as it is with others.

So the search for my lost creativity continues.
I hope to at least keeps things amusing for the time being...


Midwestern city Boy said...

There is nothing wrong with reality. Truth can be stranger than fiction. Maybe you should go on a quest of a very "interesting" time and write about that. I'm sure that CJ would be glad to help.

Pandora said...

Sometimes the creative juices just stop flowing. Happens to me from time to time.. in fact it's happening to me now. I have a story that needs to be finished.. and I think everyone is waiting for it's conclusion.. but I'm just not in that state of mind ;) No worries .. just a normal course of blogging :)

Desireous said...

Typically I think its best to just go with the flow of your creative juices. Sometimes life gets busy or hectic or scary or sad or happy etc and its hard to keep up with a blog during those times. Other times creativty may be simply taking a rest, you know the quiet before the storm!


Anonymous said...

Hi, Im 70 years old and love to read all kinds of stories, needless to say erotica is at the top of the list, possibly I could inspire you to include an older man in your story, maybe that would help!!! Oh well, I tried

DG said...

I find myself in those places sometimes too, lots of post and not much meat. You'll come out it, we all do.

Anonymous said...

So far I have to say a big 'thank you' along with a big squeeze for all your kind encouragment and really helps.
I'm sure I'll be out of it soon...then watch out!

Dee's Husband said...

Deb, it doesn't matter so much what you write to me as much as it does that you write something and touch base. When one of my daily reads goes under the radar I start to worry about him or her, but as long as you're plunking out something - anything - I'm at ease. Frankly, I'm becoming day by day a bigger fan of the short, gut feeling, slice of life posts and less patient to read through something major in the third person. Give me first person in regular dribs and drabs, even if it's seemingly boring on your end. I'd rather have you that way than to have you disappear for weeks.


rupert said...

I find transferring one creative need to another helps. I got stuck on poems and stories, a while back but have moved more heavily into scripts and conceptual ideas - actually can I suggest four things that may help? They work with me.

1) when inspiration is somehow lacking do admin stuff, not outside of your creativity but within it. Which means sorting out work, sending stuff off, some revision. Often after doing this you will have a 'clean' desk so to speak, and the inspiration will have pores upon which to perculate again.

2) Just write ideas. Nothing else. Add-ons, ideas, concepts.

3) Force yourself to digest other stimulus, even if you aren't really in the mood. That means films, music, books. Sometimes you'll maybe not get the inspiration but you'll get the motivation to be inspired.

4) Nice distractions like a new garment, a new cd or book, a walk through a bric-a-brac shop or browse through bookshop often refreshes my creative energy.

I hope some of these assist.


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the tips. I like all of them on different levels and look forwardto giving birth to new ideas soon.

I hope that fellow bloggers read this post and get these great tips too.