Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Physical Attraction

There is an interesting phenomena going on between CJ and me lately.
We have spoken about the physical attraction that we have for each other. The perfect sense of togetherness that is felt between lovers has been described in many different ways. For me I know it's that feeling of melting into one when CJ first enters me, slowly and with sensitivity and a special care.

Everything has two sides, and I believe CJ and I may be experiencing the other side of this physical attraction: Pain.
It seems as though we are encountering each other's aches and pains. It has been shoulder and back problems mostly, but they have been almost identical in symptoms.
I have also noticed that if one of us is 'down', tired, or in some other way not up to par, the other one doesn't seem to be at their best either.
Sympathy pains across the board normally are associated with childbirth, but CJ and I have been through that, and it was over 21 years ago.

CJ and I are great believers in soulmates and that we belong with each other. We are toying with the idea that this is all some sort of evolution in our relationship. Perhaps it's a way that nature reminds us that we have to take care of each other.

What I'm interested in is if anyone out there has run into anything like I describe here, if so, what were the circumstances?
What do you think of my theories?


Midwestern City Boy said...

California Girl and I don't get sympathy pains for each other so we can't provide any insight.

BTW: I like your new look.

Pandora said...

Love the new look!

Aragorn said...

Sorry to hear about the pains ! We too a great believers in soul mates and the correct chemistry, and have never felt before like we do with each other, very much so at the physical level ! Congrats with the new look ! Like it - A

Anonymous said...

i'm glad everyone likes the look so far. It was all part of what I wroked on to bring back the musse I lost here a while ago. It helped spark some creativity.

As for the pains...they are already subsiding, but please understand, I am not a believer in 'sympathy pains'. I think this is something different...deeper...another side of physical attraction...becuase we have become one as lovers do we also take on the pain of the other, physically. We all know that happens emotionally at times.