Saturday, April 29, 2006

Debbie Keeping Groove-Part Three

This is the only other email I have from those years I described in earlier posts; the ones when I needed to keep my groove.

Writing those hot emails to either this lover or any other during about a seven-year period helped keep the groove going, along with a lot of good fucks of course. Recieving them helped just as much.

Answering these emails with hot stories of my own would do the same for me as writing the erotica here on the blog: It turned me on, made me ache, got me wet, and finally once I hit the SEND button, I was on the bed with either my hand or a toy playing with myself and quickly cumming.

Subject: Next Time

Hi Sweetie,

Here is the setting:
A small two-bedroom apartment. A nice brass bed and silk ties. We have scheduled a time to be together. I am anxiously awaiting your arrival. I have some food for you to enjoy.
As I am finishing up the dinner, I hear the door open and see you coming through the door. I run to you, wrap my arms around you, and feel you melt into my embrace.
I lead you through the living room and have you sit at the kitchen table. Everything is ready and I serve you a light dinner and wine.

When we are ready to go to bed I lead you through the apartment to my bedroom. I have you close you eyes as we near my room. I lead you through the door and have you open you eyes. There is a desire in them as you look over the room.
You smell jasmine and orange incense.
You hear some classical music playing on the radio.
You eye the ties I have tied to the bed. I see you look at me with a smoldering look that sends a thrill to my groin. I see you nipples harden as I start to undress you. As I reveal your breasts, I kiss them right on the tips, suckle the nipples into my mouth, and suck lightly. You moan and feel you squirm as I draw more your breast into my mouth. I give the same treatment to your other breast.
I move away from your tits to lie you down on your back in the middle of my bed. I place a pillow under your head and then proceed to tie your ankles to the ties at the bottom of the bed. I can smell a hint of your excitement as I lean down and make sure you cannot move your legs. I then move to your arms and tie them to the upper posts of the bed. Your nipples get even harder as you test your bonds.

I then stand back and survey my handy work. I chuckle as I watch you get more aroused. I reach in the nightstand a pull out a dildo about the same size as my cock. I draw it across your nipples and see you writhe under my touch. I drop the dildo between your legs and undress while you feast your eyes on me. I see you lick your lips as my pants drop and reveal my rock hard cock. It is dripping with precum as I move to your feet.

I drop to my knees and start at your feet, kissing and licking my way to my target. I slowly kiss my way up one leg and then start at your other foot. Kiss my way up that leg until I reach your sweet pussy. I begin to worship your pussy with licks and nibbles. I have waited so long to dip my tongue deep into your core and make your scream. I am at my best as I make you crazy with my mouth. I can't seem to get enough of your essence. I make my tongue flat as I draw it from the bottom of your slit right up to your clit. I can feel it pulse as I draw it into my mouth and nibble and suck on it. I know I am gong to make you cum as I begin sucking harder in it. I want you to feel the same thing I do as you suck on my cock. I continue my assault on your pussy and clit as you approach orgasm. I can feel you start to shake and quiver as your orgasm overtakes your body. I feel your pussy leak more and more juice. I open my mouth, place it completely over you entire pussy, and suck your juices down my throat. I stay plastered to you and you go into multiple orgasms. Once you start exploding I grab the dildo and push it deep into your hole and hold it there as you cum some more. I have removed my mouth to watch your face as you cum repeatedly.

Finally, I untie your arms and legs and rub your muscles as you finish orgasming. I lie down next to you as you drop off your high. I whisper into your ear and ask you if you'd like to tie me up and do the same to me.

I will leave it there for now. I hope I have lit some old fire in you.

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