Friday, March 31, 2006

I'm So Ashamed

I'm so ashamed - sort of.
I had a very wet dream this morning. There's nothing too out of the ordinary about that. I have them very often, usually they involve a past or current lover, an aquaintance, or an unknown male or female.

This morning it was different, it was a celebrity!
Yes, it was Josh Holloway, better known as Sawyer on ABC's show LOST.

As all dreams, it was weird. I needed a ride home from somewhere. We had stopped at the same motel parking lot, he knew I needed a ride and approached me. He immediately invaded that personal space we all have, you know - that comfort zone. He spoke to me as he nuzzled my neck. Next he was close enough that I could feel his cock hardening against me. Then all of a sudden we were up against his truck, both standing up as I rode him, hard. I quickly came, hard.

Then it was 'well thanks very much' , but I admitted to him that even though it was great I cheating on my husband.
The end, I woke up with a smile on my face and very damp thighs. Too bad CJ had already gotten out of bed.

Over these past two years as a fan of LOST I have been trying to decide who the sexiest guy was...Jack, Sayid, or Sawyer.
I guess I have my answer.


Suze said...

Debs, next time call me and we'll have a threesome. ;)

Shay said...

I love dreams like that!

(but I think Jack is hotter)

Anonymous said...

Great blog. I have one myself about HGH