Wednesday, March 22, 2006

CBW #15 - Invisible !

Well, it took me a while even get to the Blogger dashboard and now I can't upload any pics.
So instead of using my slow Photobucket account I have chosen to have an invisible Cock Blog Wednesday.
Hopefully Half-Nekkid Thursday won't be so bad.
Anyway here's your invisible cock:


Pandora said...

Hehehehe... yummy!

Aragorn said...

Frustrated about Blogger ... ? Read my lips (euh, blog !). Blogger sucks ! - A

lost said...

I am generally much more modest, However, got to say mine looks better than that! I sent a pick to Shay over at the s spot. maybe she will post it next week? Happy HNT to you.

DG said...

ya... same here... blogger is a pill lately