Wednesday, March 15, 2006

CBW #14 - The Choice

For this week's Cock Blogging Wednesday
two different recipes for Sex on the Beach:


1.5 oz Peach Schnapps
1.5 oz Vodka
2 oz Cranberry juice
2 oz Pineapple juice
2 oz Orange juice

Your choice....


Aragorn said...

Deb, just read your post on the picture taking and posting. Maybe you have seen that we seriously play (and develop) a similar fantasy (and, between us, is very likely to come to realization, with a third person to take the pictures !). I say, go for it ! Decide what your comfort level is and try it out ... Good luck and, well euh, keep us ‘posted’ ... ;-) - A

Btw, did I miss what amateur site it is ? And, GREAT CBW picture ... cute.

Suze said...

Wow, that's got to sting. ;)

DG said...


Pandora said...

hehehehe.... cute

Crimson Velvet said...

Very didn't tell us whee you are posting! LOL

Desireous said...

Now that's what I call sand art!


Anonymous said...

yes I've seen your play
we're still developing our fantasy and definitons of comfort level, I'm sure we'll get there

and shelia:
the first amateur, free place I found was, but now that I've done some more research I see that there is a lot more out there, some that Late Starter suggested.
So I'm still researching. In the mean time I'll add to my album.

Shay said...


I think i'll go with #2, that one sounds a little more useful ^_~