Friday, March 3, 2006

Is This What Started The Housing Boom?

As many of you regular readers know I do enjoy men. Usually in this blog that comes across as discussions about the love of cock, or the feel of a CJ's mustache (cookie duster) on my pussy, or anything else involving the anatomy and physiology of the male of the species.

I do celebrate mean in another way and have for a while. I enjoy men's departments in stores and men's magazines, in particular GQ. To the point that my daughter gave me a subscription for Christmas two years ago.
Below is a blurb I found in the March edition that had me think about a few things. My comments follow it.

Have You House Humped Yet?Don't tell the broker:couples are having sex at real estate showings

Anyone who's shopped for a home knows what it's like to lust after square footage and marble floors. But a few would-be buyers take it as far as the practioners of "house humping", a curious real estate fetish that's surfacing in markets up and down the West Coast. Before it deleted the entry Wikipedia defined 'house-humping' as "a couple going to a real estate open house and having some form of sexual encounter. The practice seems to have originated in the Pacific Northwest." Yahoo hosts a house-humping discussion group where freaky-deaks try to top each other with wild tales of thrill seeking master-bedroom nooky. The more packed the open house, it seems, the more exciting. On one web bulletin board, a frequent humper boasted of infiltrating Seattle open houses, where he and his paramour "found a couple minutes of privacy and did some denim diving". Nice.
And it appears that this Sunday-afternoon pastime has advanced southward as well. Late last year, there was internet chatter about amorous encounters at Los Angeles open houses. Another posting recommended Palm Springs as an ideal house-humping target because "a lot of the PS realtors are old and don't stray much from their kitchens". But while it's certainly fun to outsmart a geriatric broker there are some rules of decency. As ope devotee cautions: "The trick is not shaking the realtor's hand when leaving."
So how do you house hump without getting busted? Veteran humpers recommend that you enlist a third party "to distract the broker with arcane questions about molding, hinges, and vents." that should buy you enough time to, uh, close the deal.

I worry that a young couple that is already going to such depths for a 'thrill' in their sex life is liable to burn-out pretty quickly. I wonder if they will always seek the thrills outside of themselves, never knowing the thrill of each other.
I do wonder about the 'decency factor'. Maybe it's because I am very much a worshiper of Hesta/Vesta (the goddesses of the home and hearth). It is sacred. Go ahead and 'christen' every room in the house, once it's your home. I think that's a good idea. I think CJ and I have done the act everywhere but the bathroom and the kitchen, and at least foreplay has occurred in those places. It brings love in. Turns a house into a home.

Oh, I'm in the East Coast and until reading this article had never heard of this phenomena, has one else out there heard of it? Experienced it? What do you think?


Midwestern City Boy said...

Yes we had heard about the trend. And while that didn't interest us, we wanted to christened our house while it was being built but it was constructed during the winter and there weren't any warm days. I don't think its "polite" to do it in other people's houses. Now at a dinner party that someone's having...

Shay said...

very interesting thoughts. I've never heard of house humping but it sounds a bit silly. The only times I've had sex in semi-public places were because we couldn't wait until we were ina more private place ^_~

Jay said...

never heard of it but i think its cool i dont think the couples are headed for trouble Ive been married 23 years and ive always looked for exciting ways and things to do just because thats who I am. I resonally dont want to house hump but i have done it in stairwells of an office building that was very exciting.

stretch td said...

There was an article in the NY Times some months back about real estate agents walking in on homeowners in compromisiing positions. But, this I have not heard of.

But given my interest in Manhattan real estate, I would be interested. Probably a bit too risky. I like the thrill of risking getting caught ... but not actually getting caught.

Brian McNealson said...

Hmm, I dont this would work in India!!

Certainly wouldnt mind giving it a try tho. Anybody out there?!? ;-)


Reggie said...

Hey, my GF and I try it all the time. Never been caught yet, but gotten close a couple times. In addition to the GQ story and that NYTimes thing, there's also a movie out there called Open House that features "sexy swiping" which is pretty close to house humping. I'm glad to see it finally getting some national recognition, though I don't want it to tip off the realtors either. Damn! But if you're interested, and if you're on myspace, a girl there just started a group: MySpace House Humping group

Anonymous said...

wow I didn't think I'd really come across anyone that's actually tried it.
How about some insight as to why you do it?
I'm interested.

Suze said...

Debbie, this just wouldn't work in the UK. The estate agents move from room to room with you. So even if a third party came along they would follow the tour with you.

I think I'll settle for humping in every room of our house instead. The only place we haven't done it is the garage. ;)

Camilla said...

I have not house humped, but when I was more sexual (with many partners) I would store hump.

freddy said...

deb try the shower{good clean fun}haha. a glass of wine,hot water,oral sex for both steamey is not the word. the first time my knees about folded under me i was hooked my gal could not believe the how great it was she thought she would pass out. since then when we take a trip we stop at the truck stops they have great shower rooms large and roomey great sex an a trip too!

Philosophy of Being said...

On the West Coast, I have actually come across a real estate agent that was hoping to stage the house humping and join in of course! I did wonder how many responses he recieved, more then he could count I am sure, "Full House"


Anonymous said...

Another interesting response to this post.
I never thought of that.
Maybe I'm in the wrong business and should be going for my realtors license?

reggie said...

Debbie asked why do it... hmm, I read somewhere that someone said it's like when you buy a couch, you sit on it first; when you buy a car, you go for a test drive. If you're going to live in a house for 30 years and (hopefully) have sex there from time to time, doesn't it stand to reason you'd want to try out the house before you buy it. think of it as sexual escrow.