Saturday, March 11, 2006

A New Temptation

I've been tempted by a free amateur pic site. I'm not talking about downloading all the usual porn that goes along with that description. I'm talking about uploading pictures of myself either alone or involved in one act or another.
I asked CJ what he thought of the idea and he told me to go ahead and do it.
I laughed and asked him what I was becoming. He made an excellent observation (if you'll excuse the pun):

I wasn't becoming anything that I wasn't already. I'm exploring a part of me that has always been there. That part is an exhibitionist.
I haven't had sex in public place since CJ and I were in college. That time it was at night behind a YMCA.
Until last fall I hadn't allowed my picture to be taken naked, since I was about 3 months old that is.
I have often fantasized about it and my stories on being a sex ed teacher reflect those fantasies You can find them in the September archives.
I'm enjoying it. It's thrilling and a turn on. I'm a 40-something woman that certainly doesn't have the body of Barbie, but it's becoming more obvious to me that doesn't matter. I have the confidence in who and what I am, it just doesn't matter.

What I'd like here is some commentary from self-proclaimed exhibitionists and any people out there that are at least tempted, as I am.
I am working through this. I'm fascinated by my own evolving behaviors.
What's the kick? What's the reason?
Come on show know you want to.


Desireous said...

How exciting for you! I hope you'll let us all know where we can find these pics if you decide to do it!


Late Starter said...

Several times in the early stages of our relationship J and I posted photos of her online via and a great turn-on it was as well. You just have to be prepared for comments from sad little tossers who post unnecessarily rude comments.

Another alternative is to set up a photo gallery at somewhere like where you can either make images publically available or you can hide them behind a password that you give only to certain people.

I find it quite a turn-on to know that the woman in my life is seen as attractive by others, and J was quite taken with the idea too, so I understand the appeal for you as well!

Jack said...

The human body is a beautiful thing, especially a woman's, at least from my point of view, don't Hide something that is meant to be seen and appreaciated by others.

Midwestern City Boy said...

Its good clean fun that I don't see anything wrong with. I've said many times that the most attractive thing about a woman is her attitude and the way that she carries herself. If its something that you want to do, then by all means do it. We aren't getting any younger. You don't want to think back 20 years from now and wish that you would have done it.

I do agree with late starter that you have to be prepared for the negative comments. We post exhibitionist photographs of ourselves on our blog and from time to time we get obnoxious comments. Not that many but we don't get nearly the traffic of a site like voyeurweb. I'm sure that the number of bad comments would be much greater on a general amateur photo site.

On the positive side, many people do appreciate photographs from amateurs. Google Image Search is always the number one referrer to our blog and most of the people that came from Google do leave positive comments. I've thought about perhaps posting to an amateur site but I think the photographs of California Girl and I aren't as good out of the context of our blog. Sex is just one part of our relationship.

For a bigger kick, you might consider a swing club. California Girl and I have had sex in front of spectators on more then one occasion at a local swing club. We don't swap but its one of the few places that we know where you can have sex in "public" and not get arrested. The first time that we did it, we left almost immediately but after that we stayed around for awhile. It's quite an experience talking to people who just watched you! And there is plenty to see yourself if you look around.

Please let us know if you do decide to post somewhere.

Anonymous said...

Late Starter and Midwestern Boy....
thanks for all the's all very gets my little nasty wheels turning.
I'll have to see what CJ thinks of all this.

Pandora said...

For me, my blog makes me feel powerful and sexually liberated. I broke my personal barriers when I started posting pics of my "kitty". I'm glad I did. I have never felt better about myself.

Anonymous said...

I with you all the way on that one pandora (you opened that box and now it's too late to close it huh?..LOL)

I have often said in this blog that I was really struck the first time I saw pictures of myself blowing CJ. I thought I was beatiful. I haven't looked back since.

Shay said...

I've been really tempted by the same thing - i just haven't given in yet. ^_~

Bill F. said...

Well, I've posted up a bit. I wonder about myself sometimes. I'm not well hung, I'm not skinny. I'm not a muscle boy. I've posted both erect and nastier shots of myself. Its an absolute thrill. And a bit scary. Then, no one comments. It goes from thrill to 'Shit, no one said anything.'. YOu put yourself out there, expecting some flames and get.. nothing. Luckily I usually posted where I would get comments and viewers. I posted a shot of me on flikr and I think have a whole 2 comments. Disappointing, and WORTH it all at the same time.

stretch td said...

Debbie -- Have fun with it and be safe. Posting anonymous or semi-anonymous pics of yourself on that site are a very safe way to share you exhibitionist nature. I have found that camming is another way. Good luck and enjoy the journey (making sure to take pictures along the way).

A dirty ole man

P.S. I look forward to seeing the pictures from your journey. ;)

Dee's Husband said...

Deb, we've been posting pics of Dee at various places for about four years now and she's never had so much fun being naughty. Mails come in from all over the place just about every day in response to a pic set that somebody found somewhere and she really enjoys reading them all and responding when she finds the time. A number of her lovers were simply guys who saw her pics, wrote, and hit it off with her. It's a lot of fun!


SexyCunt said...

I post of myself and my hubby having naughty fun..I love it and love the responses as well..we have also posted on a site as well..we havent received any rude comments..but I have left a few people some critism on some of the things I have seen them sticking weird things in themselves..I know that it may be their fetish..but Damn..some things are way too far fetched to even comprehend haha..good luck in whatever you decide..!