Sunday, March 19, 2006

Spring Romance

The spring Equinox is Monday March 20th at 11:46 EST.
I am Wiccan.
I wanted to celebrate this rebirth with CJ so a couple of weeks ago I made a 'date' with him. This is the first time we had done something like this in a long time.
It was a major overdose of romance and I really needed it. CJ can be a master at such things when he puts his mind to it. Last night was one of his masterpieces.
Preparations began about a week or so before. I wanted the two of us to celebrate the coming of Spring. For me it is a rebirth of the beauty of mother Earth. It is a proof of a constant cycle of death and rebirth. It is a promise of another chance. It is wonderful and I both cherish and embrace it.
We went to the local craft store and got things to make a wreath for the door and long strings of silk ivy for the bedroom. CJ took care of all the decorating.
During the week he also went shopping for the food, beverages, and flowers (gerber daises, my favorite) on his own.
On Thursday we enjoyed nature as a family by going to the National Aquarium with our daughter.

I took time off on Thursday and Friday, so Friday was just a rest and relax day. No big St Patrick's Day celebration, just some beer and Tequila at home.

Now the Saga of Saturday.
It begins late in the afternoon when CJ retreats to his 'studio', most people call it a kitchen. I know that he doesn't like me around when he is cooking something special, but I purposely hang out for a while, just to tease him.

We have Sirius satellite radio in the living room and I tuned it into Standard Time. This station plays swing and standards from artists that include Glenn Miller, Billie Holliday, Cab Calloway, and Bobby Darin, Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald and much more. It's perfect for a couple staying in on a Saturday night.

When I found out that hors d'ouerves would be served at 6:30pm, I could plan my preparations. At about 5:00pm I disappeared upstairs and left CJ to his own devices in the kitchen. I started with a very enjoyable hot shower, which only served the obvious purpose of getting me clean, but to put me into a very relaxed state. I was in my own home, but my plan was to dress for dinner.
Sometimes in such a mundane and busy world, certain things can be forgotten. I wanted to remind CJ that I wanted to be special for him sometimes, at that I still had the ability to. I used special dusting powder and perfume, make-up, and jewelry (including that choker CJ likes). Next, the foundation items, a white lace cut out shelf bra, a pair of gray silk and white French panties (yes, I'm very proud of them, I bought them on the Champs-Elysées a couple of years ago so I could say I had real French lingerie), a pair of black knee high trouser stockings. I finished up innocently enough with a pair of black pants, low cut black blouse, and low cut black sandals.
I worked my way back downstairs close to 6:30 and smiled at CJ, peeking into the kitchen for only a brief moment this time. I sat on the couch, looked out the window to enjoy the end of the sunset and the great music playing.
I knew the evening would end up back upstairs so I didn’t want to get too full or too drunk, but I was able to enjoy the follow feast that CJ had prepared:

First: cold appetizers - shots off tequila with cold Cajun spiced shrimp
Second: warm hors d'oeuvres - A light French red wine and lamb chops along with escargot with pesto for CJ and baked Brie for me.
Third: salad - the wine kept flowing, a small watercress salad with apples and nuts and a balsamic vinaigrette that had a touch a Cointreau added to it.
Fourth: entree - strip steak with béarnaise sauce, tri color fettuccini with Alfredo sauce, and baby bok choy.
Fifth: dessert - mini cheesecakes, black forest for me, cappuccino for CJ and fresh hot coffee.
The talk at the table was very engaging, and included the reminders that we both needed about why we were here with each other.

We retired to the couch to enjoy the music and each other some more.
It started out slow, I knew that the final part of our Spring celebration had begun and I knew that the goddess would live through me that night.
Our kisses were slow, sweet, and exploratory. When our tongues weren't dancing together I was giving small kisses to every open place of skin I could find from his chest to his neck to ears his ears to his nose and back to his lips again. He played right back to me.
My arms wrapped around the back of his neck and massaged his shoulders and arms as we kissed more.
Things just kept moving along naturally as we reveled in each other. I was scrapping my nails up the inside of his thighs and he was moving his hands to my tits. He got a bit of a surprise when he discovered my bare nipples in the middle of that lacy bra. I had been thinking about feeling him on my tits since the middle of dinner. It was because of the way my nipples rubbed against the fabric of the blouse. The quick movement of his thumb and finger surrounding my nipple heightened my sensations immediately and for some reason I quickly became submissive.
I'm not sure why.
I felt so bad and I told him so. He agreed with me and told me that I was bad. I positioned me on the couch on my side and instructed me not to move. I tried my best, really, but I spoke again and I blinked. He left the living room and when he returned I was told that I was even worse for staying still. My ass was then greeted with a smack from a kitchen spatula.
Several times he did this while I was I was sorry. I wasn't really that sorry, especially when he would hit what I call that 'sweet spot'. That's the area real low on my ass then when it gets smacked I can feel it on my pussy.
He eventually accepted my apologies and we continued our embraces on the couch. Soon he asked what I wanted him to do and I answered:
"Take me to our bedroom"
We went upstairs and slowly undressed by the bed. Once I was down to my bra, panties, and stockings I got on the bed. CJ joined me wearing only his shorts.
CJ did take some time out to take some pics with his digital camcorder first though. I hadn't planned on this being a picture taking session, but I went along with it. I'll post the pics as soon as we can get them onto the computer.
Then it was just us. I ended up keeping my stockings and bra on. I do like my lingerie and got a real turn on from it. I think CJ liked it too.

The two of us together in bed, celebrating, felt great, felt necessary, felt right.
I found myself moving not only to my own natural rhythms and his, but the music that was floating up from downstairs. That music mixed with sounds of our kisses and the slurping of CJ loving my tits seemed intense.
We took a lot of time with each other. I could easily discern when our breathing quickened and when my moans grew louder and closer together.
CJ finally moved his kisses down to my freshly shaved, and now very wet pussy. One reason I like having a bare pussy is the trick CJ does with his mustache. After playing with my lips and licking me, he lightly brushes his mustache first in one direction across my clit, then in the other, and then widens his play area. It's why I call his moustache 'the cookie duster'.
He fingered, and ate, and played with my tits, all while watching me fall further under his spell, knowing the pleasure he gives me.
I was so proud of myself, I really held back until I started to beg for his cock in my mouth. I did hit that point where I just had to have it, had to taste it, and had to pleasure him too.
I asked if he had shaved too, and he answered that he had. I wanted to fell his smooth balls on my shaved pussy lips first and he obliged. Another good reason for a couple to shave. I told him that I would fuck his balls if I could and promised to soak them.

First I soaked them with my mouth, he moved into place to fuck my face. I tugged, licked and sucked his balls, but I soon wanted that stiff cock in my face. I went as slowly as I could stand, kissing his delicious cockhead. Everything about his cock turns me on. I could see the vein bulging on it last night and it made want to play with the shaft more. I took him into my mouth inch by inch and began my exploration. Although I have blown him a countless number of times since we were 19, I always find it an exploration: what can I do better, can I taste him for just one second longer, can my nose nuzzle deeper into his balls? I keep right on savoring that cock a different way every time. He picked up the pumping into my face as I sucked and licked and I could feel him grow on my tongue.
When we did stop, when just sucking him and playing with myself wasn't enough, when I needed that cock inside me. He told me that I was very good at what I did. That was just the icing on the cake for me.

I looked up at him once he was on top of me, ready to enter me and I told him that I was about to fall into him.
I told him with as much love as I could express for him to enter me and do the same.
With that our grand finale began.
I did fall into him as he kissed me and fucked me at the same time, while I took me feet off the bed and pointed them towards the ceiling.
After about a half an hour of this pushing and pulling, the perfect gliding, the feel of that wonderful man in me, I was ready to cum again. Before it was over I came very hard all over that masterful cock, almost hitting that point of hyperventilation I sometimes hit when things get very intense in bed with us.
Yes, it was the flawless, loving, and a feast for all sensations from 6:30pm until almost 11:00pm.
CJ: Thank you, I love you, I'm yours. Always remember.


Romantic Sex Addiction said...

Sounds like it was a perfect evening. Stockings and a bra is usually what it takes for me to just melt. Bet you two melted the bed too.

Pandora said...

Sounds wonderful

Bill F. said...

Sounds like the perfect night.

stretch td said...

Sounds like the perfect way to celebrate the upcoming spring season!

Doublebogie said...

What a wonderful night. Sounds like it was perfect.

Aragorn said...

THis is absolutely fabulous. The level of attention, the perfection, the mixture of all pleasures, from food to sex ... What a fabulous event !!! A great inspiration ... Thanks - A

AlwaysArousedGirl said...

Sounds absolutely perfect.

Shay said...

Sounds heavenly!