Sunday, November 13, 2005

A Promised Pic

After reading Aroused Girls post on clit jewelry I promised in my reply to her the following pic from my collection. It was easily applied with CJ's help and some lube.

*a quick note for the fans of my fiction stories, I have not forgotten you...there are a couple ideas I am putting to paper now...I hope to have part one up on Monday...thanks for your patience.


Suze said...


Ouch! that looks f*****g painful to me.

Is it pleasurable to wear? :0

Suze X

Anonymous said...

Suze...not painful at all, but I like the tug of the nipple jewelry I have too...when putting it on the trick was to get it postioned right, a few pinches when CJ did that for the first time....
Once on I love it!
CJ went down on me immediately afterwards and spoiled me in his special way...In fact I even have a pic that too.
Yep, I like the jewelry and would do it again
...and again...and again

Haakan said...

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AlwaysArousedGirl said...

Yay for clit clamps! Very nice...thank you, D. Debbie!

Dee's Husband said...

Whoa! That thing looks very much like the thingamajiggers that my mom put on pleated curtains to attach them to a traverse rod. Is there a string I can pull on that to makes your labia part? :)


Danica said...


All I can say wow...


stretch td said...

Delish! You look good enough to eat!000