Tuesday, November 15, 2005

To Boldly Go Where I've Never Been Before

I found this entry typed up but not posted, I figured better late than never:

Before I started this blog I was the type of person that enjoyed trying new things, exploring the world around me, and especially, exploring my inner self. All three of those types of explorations have led me to liking new foods (lately the examples include sushi and caviar), traveling (lately the examples include Paris and London), and knowing my spirit (lately the examples are becoming Wicca and being sexually free).

I just can't seem to get over how my sexual being is still expanding. The latest expansion comes from the humble act of shaving, shaving my pussy, and letting CJ take pictures of me, then I started taking pictures of him. I was afraid I wouldn't like what I saw. I warned CJ that I would need 'reassurance'. Other men have wanted to take pictures of me, but I never allowed it. When I looked at those first pictures I was actually turned on. I said to CJ "I'm beautiful when I'm blowing you", he agreed and told me that I'm always beautiful. I think it's things like that and that special indescribable 'something' that we have that has cast me away on my newest adventure.

What will be next?
I don't know, but I've long had a motto of "I'll try anything once, and some things twice"
I like surprises and wait to see. Even today was a little different, the feel and thought of my bare pussy kept me damp this morning. So for now I think the cruise director on my ship of fantasies becoming realities will include the following activities:

Short movies
Hot wax
Satisfaction for the bi-curious part of me.

Finally, it has been the people like my readers and the other writers that I read on a regular basis that have made me feel welcome and helped kick start my explorations. It was great finding all you kindred spirits out there.

So, let the games begin.

BTW: the promised Toy Time post will be soon.


AlwaysArousedGirl said...

I have a few pics of myself blowing someone too and I was surprised how gorgeous I looked!

Maybe in pictures we get to see how other people see us?

Suze said...

Debbie & CJ

Keep on discovering, we are after all human and as such evolving.

Sexuality is all about exploration and enjoyment.

Go on enjoy, I do ;)

Suze X

bedroomdancer said...

Good for you! It's hard for us to get past our insecurities.

ZGD63 said...

If it feels good, do it more! I'm looking forward to the role playing and short movies!

Biker & Teacher said...

Boy, can I relate! We all have the fears and anxieties. If we get jump over them we grow as human begins!

Have a great time!

The Teacher

Miss E said...

YeY i am so happy for you, you go girl. I wish you well on your new sexual endeavours.