Monday, November 14, 2005

So Many Toys, So Few Pussies

Has your curiosity ever gotten the best of you?
As I look back on the following incident I think of it as a perfect example in more ways than one.
I had a special kind of 'horniness' lately, the kind I didn't believe a man could fulfill. Recently I had read about the Tupperware party of the 21st century - sex toys and lingerie parties, sometimes called “pajama” parties.
I don't have a lot of female friends, let alone ones I feel comfortable enough to do that with, but it still intrigued me. I was very set on relieving this special need, and my hedonistic mind was working on a deceptive way to do it.
One of my sayings in life that I live by is: "Sometimes when your ship doesn't come in, you have to row out to it"
I decided I was going to satisfy myself, and got on the website to sign up for a Ladies Toy Party
The items I ordered were express mailed to me overnight along with forms, instructions, and ideas for the 'hostess'.
When I opened the boxes it seemed like an absolute treasure trove. I love nice lingerie and have for years; it's only recently that I've discovered the wonders of dildos, bullets, butterflies, vibrators, rabbits, etc. The three boxes now on my living room floor were full of all this! I started thinking about how much my guest would enjoy these treasures. Yes, I purposely used the singular - guest.
I wanted “her”. I needed to explore “her” and explore myself at the same time.
We met at work years ago and a friendship quickly formed. She was a couple of years older than me and had the classic good looks of a middle aged woman with curves in all the right places, and I wanted to run my hands over all of them.
“Her” name is Mary, and I had shared everything from recipes to drinks after work, to the ups and downs of our relationships with men.
The next day I sent her one of the invitations that came in the hostess kit, and she sort of surprised me by saying "yes" right away.
I smiled, tingled inside, and wondered at the way she was looking right into my eyes. Could she possibly know my plan? Was she even hatching one of her own?
I planned the 'party' for Saturday afternoon, that way we would both be fresh. I spent the first part of Saturday getting the house ready and setting up my displays. After that was all done I began to ready myself both physically and emotionally.
The physical part was easy: a little trim of my light brown bush, a nice soak in the tub with my favorite sea salts, and that little once over you give yourself to fix any small flaws you can find.
The emotion part was a lot more difficult.
I had to keep myself from being caught up in a whirlpool with such a range of emotions! This could be my first time with another woman, and my range of feelings went from excitement and arousal to guilt and fear.
I knew that I would feel better if I took the time to decide on the lingerie I wanted to wear. It helps to make me feel beautiful and the feelings of the materials were familiar against my skin, they calmed me, and it helped.
I finally decided that I would stop beating around the bush (so to speak) dressing and acting the part I was playing: the aggressor.
The delicate white lace of the bra I chose slipped between my fingers as I took it out of my bureau. It was a peek-a-boo shelf bra.
Next I felt the mixture of lace and satin of the panties I was pulling up my legs. They were pale purple and crotchless.
Completing the special under-dressing were my nude thigh high stockings with scalloped lace at the top.
My outer clothing hid the desires that my under garments showed with a flare; a dark blue skirt above the knee, but not too short, hid the panties and the fact I was wearing thigh highs, not panty hose. A simple V neck button light wool blouse hid the way I was lifting and decorating my breasts.
The hour of our destiny neared. I went downstairs to chill some Chardonnay and run my plan through my dirty little mind one more time.
My daydream was broken with the ring of the doorbell, and my pussy tingled immediately as I jumped to answer the door.
I quickly told Mary to come in and ushered her into my den.
Even at her age she giggled at the sight of the toys being displayed there.
Everything about Mary seemed perfect on this sunny Saturday afternoon...her wavy brown hair, warm hazel eyes, round and full breasts, round hips, and shapely legs. Along with her physical traits she was intelligent, warm, outgoing, and friendly. All these traits drew me to her; drew me to wanting to pleasure her.
I poured the wine as we sat on the couch, and started my pitch on the toys. She stopped me instantly, asking where everyone else was. I had almost forgotten about my deception, but I answered without flinching: "I'm sorry Mary, you were the only one I invited" I said apologetically.
She looked puzzled at first, but then a glint of understanding, recognition? It was that look I got when I gave her the invitation.
I wasn't sure what signal I saw showing through, but it emboldened me.
"Take it away Deb" she said, giggling again, this time with help of the wine.
Next: Toy Time!


Dirty Boy said...

You do an amazing job building anticipation!

Suze said...

Hi Debbie

There's a lot of it going about lately :)

There must be something in the air. I have definately got the girl on girl bug at the moment.

Suze X

Anonymous said...

I figure girl on girl...just another way to celebrate the goddess.

Danica said...

I love this post!

Biker & Teacher said...

I want to have one of those parties!

The Teacher

Anonymous said...

You tease! What happened next? You're killing me!

gigi said...


Line Drive said...

Delicious! Honest, entertaining and sexy..please contnue

Cherrie said...

This is what happens when I go poking around someone else's archives on a quiet morning: I find some great stories!

Let's see how this one ends up . . .