Friday, November 18, 2005

The Sale

Soon I whispered in her ear: “I want you, is that all right Mary?” She moaned and nodded, and I took the bullet out of her and turned off all the toys, at least temporarily. After telling her that I had never been with a woman before, but for some reason I had been attracted to her, she expressed that it was the same for her. I told her I believed that no one could pleasure a female like another female and I wanted to be that woman for her. She instructed me to be quiet and began to strip for me. When she was down to her pink satin panties and bra I said “Please, allow me” Unhooking her bra, I reveled in watching those milky white breasts spill out, her nipples already hard. I stroked her, moving my hands down her sides and to the elastic of her panties. My fingers grasped the panties and worked them down her legs, and as she stepped out of them I began to lightly run my fingers over her body. Her pussy was beautiful, it’s scent was delicious, tempting, inviting. Her tits filled up my hands and I pulled on her nipples.
“Yes….wonderful” she told me.

“You’re wonderful Mary” I replied as I stood up and took my turn in becoming naked. Once I had that outer shell off she marveled at the lingerie I had chosen. She moved closer to me and wrapped her hands around my legs, and moved them up the silkiness of my stockings. Then she explored my curves, skin, and body the way I initially did with her. Even though my panties were crotchless and my bra open, she wanted them off.
“I don’t want anything is the way of your skin” she explained,
“But damn, leave on those naughty stockings!”

I would oblige her anything now so I allowed her to remove my bra and panties. We embraced and kissed again, falling onto the couch where we became entwined. I was on top of her, now allowing my mouth to search out those hard nipples of hers. Once found, I brought one into my mouth and suckled her like a newborn. It’s how I felt, newly-born.
I wanted to relish her tits so I squeezed them together, licking both breasts and sucking both nipples into my mouth. My tongue encircled and flicked her nipples as I listened to her moans of pleasure. Quickly I devoured both nipples, again suckling. She held onto me and began to rock against me. I just couldn’t get enough of her wonderful tits. I licked, kissed, caressed, squeezed, and loved them every way I knew how.
“I’m so hot Debbie, cool me off” she pleaded as her hands grasped my swinging tits, tweaking and pulling my nipples.

I told Mary that I would cool her off in a minute. I got up and got a small jar from the table, the slim vibrator, and poured another glass of wine. I opened the jar and rubbed the green, minty smelling gel over her nipples and turned on the vibrator. Mary looked with anticipation into my eyes. I blew on her tits causing a chilled feeling where the gel was and ran the vibrator up her slit to her rosebud clit at the same time. She cried out in ecstasy and I almost came just knowing that I could do that to her.
I stopped, grabbed my wine glass and said: “I want to propose a toast to you Mary”.

I spread her swollen pussy lips, poured the chilled wine onto her flower and dove in to explore her with my tongue. First I lapped up the mixture of her juices with the wine from her asshole to her now purple and swollen clit, then encircled her clit with my tongue and then my mouth.
She spread her legs wide to allow me all the access I needed or wanted. Pardon the cliché, but it’s true: her scent and taste were intoxicating, better than I had hoped for. That, mixed with her moans, coos, and cries couldn’t have made me happier. I sucked her clit into my mouth and took the time to find just the right spot to tantalize her with my tongue.

I easily slipped two fingers into her now dripping pussy as I kept playing her clit with my tongue.
All these new sensations! I loved it. Now it was the feeling of smooth, silky, hot pussy clamping onto my fingers as I ate Mary’s lips and clit while slowly finger fucking her. I removed my dripping fingers from her hot box and instructed Mary to taste herself. She giggled and licked herself off my fingers.
“Make me cum again Debbie”, she begged.

I slurped at her cunt some more, then shoved the bigger ribbed vibrator into her tight pussy, fucking her with it.

Pushing down on her mound I quickly found her g-spot and she exploded after only a couple minutes of massaging.
As she cried out, I moved up and kissed her. She took the vibrator out herself and told me how badly she wanted to feel those naughty stockings of mine around her face. Could I have found a kindred spirit when it came to my love of lingerie and natural fabrics? Mary started kissing my neck and took her time exploring my body with her lips and hands. Kissing and caressing my shoulders, licking and biting my nipples, then back to kissing across my stomach, finally reaching my mound, but bypassing it, she licked and kissed my inner thighs, tugging at my stockings as at the same time.

Mary moved back up towards my hot hole and I pulled her head towards me. Damn I wanted a woman’s tongue on my cunt! Spreading my lips wider, she smiled and dove down, taking a long (not to mention loud), slurp up my pussy. She did this several times; I think just to hear my moans afterwards. Deftly flicking her tongue across my clit making my pussy ache even more for release, Mary nibbled my clit now enjoying her feast.

I wanted to give her what she wanted, so I pulled up towards her and wrapped my stocking clad legs around the sides of her face, holding her to my steaming cunt.
I was getting near to that certain edge, and I wanted her to take me over. She was moaning in my pussy and that felt better than any toy I had.

Then Mary took me somewhere I had never been before, that special gratification only a woman could give me. She encircled my inner lips with her tongue, sucking, nibbling, tugging them, then plunged her now seemingly expert tongue into my hot pussy, at the same time shoving her thumb up my ass. I grasped her tongue, fucked her face, then came on it, loud groans signaling my pleasure. I loosened my legs and freed her. Her nose and lips glistened with my juices.
We then kissed deeply and rested in each other’s arms for a while. I got up and made some tea for the both of us. Once we were relaxing on the couch savoring our orange spice, I did the sales pitch. It was sort of fun to be naked, relaxing with my friend new intimate friend.
“So Mary would you like to order some of the toys?”

“Well Debbie I can’t deny your sales technique, so, sure!”

I got the order forms set up along with a catalogue that we flipped through together. It included some, shall we say, more exotic items like strap-ons, paddles, and handcuffs.
I packed up the toys she ordered that I had in stock, but had to explain that other things, like the butterfly and some other accessories had to be special ordered and told her that I would let her know when they came in, and asked if we could have another ‘party’ when arrived. Mary smiled and graciously, and with a wicked grin said that she would enjoy that very much and would look forward to it.

Eventually we were dressed and it was time for Mary to leave. She kissed me on the cheek and said, “You sure know how to throw a party Deb”


MrManicDepressive said...

Damn, Mary was right. You DO know how to throw a party. Great erotic read, thanks for sharing it.

Suze said...

That was a delicious piece of writing.

Just one thing, can I come to your next party? Please.


gigi said...

Put me on the invite list too!

Anonymous said...

suze and gigi:
There's always an open invitation to you...

brewhaha said...

What an incredibly hot story!
Is it time to row out?

Anonymous said...

Can I come too? I'll bring the wine!

I need to find new friends!

Anonymous said...

The more the merrier I always say....

Cherrie said...

Damn! Sounds like you have a potential new career, if you can stand making love to all of your customers.

You may be tired when you get done, but you will be extremely happy!

Anonymous said...

Woohoo! Hot story. One question: fact or fiction?