Monday, November 28, 2005

Getting There

Briefly, so you all know I'm still here

We had a great Thanksgiving, my Mom was here for the whole weekend.
After four days off from work, I'm now very busy and I'm training a new person.
I've started my online and catalogue Christmas shopping.
We haven't taken any pics lately and even though I have ideas for stories I can't seem to get them onto paper right now. I can't pull into that place in myself. I'm sure inspiration will come along and my writing chi will become unblocked.
Until then I am enjoying reading all your blogs and as always, your comments are kind and enlightening.
Who knows maybe CJ will have a burst of creativity.
Until then keep enjoying each other.


Isil said...

No rush! :)
life comes first
new trainee has pretty boobies?

Tommy said...

Just getting caught up on your work, which is extremely well written, so erotic, has kept me nice and stiff for a good bit here.