Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Turkey and Stuffing (a little early)

CJ and I do enjoy our weekends.
They are not only productive, but the calm together is treasured. One of our rituals is to watch Sunday Morning on CBS together, and this past weekend we knew we had a big chore ahead of us - Thanksgiving shopping, so we vowed when the show was over we’d get dressed and get out the door.
Some how that’s not quite what happened.

Isn’t funny that sometimes when you fall into each other you can’t even remember how it started? This time feels that way.
There I was, on the couch, kissing him, nibbling his neck, feeling the warm skin of his neck envelop my face. He held me, kissed me back, caressed me, and his hands are always so warm, they call to me. I hold on to him by gently holding his neck. The way we kiss, we feel each other’s tongues dance, the way we touch, it’s a though we say without words “Hey there, I know you, I remember you from before time”

His hands move down to my breasts, my tits magnificently fill up both his hands. He milks me, knowing my tits are hardwired to my pussy and what it does to me.
As my nipples wake up to his touch, my knee gently moves between his thighs. We sway, holding on, together in our physical love.
I can feel his hot cock and must suck it. I have to have him. I’m such a cockwhore sometimes, but I love him and his dick.
He spreads his legs and loosens the belt of his deep blue velour robe. As his cockhead peaks out over the folds of clothing and I bend over to eat it, CJ watches as his red meat disappears down my throat.
The feeling of him in my mouth along with the tittie play has caused my temperature to rise and I am becoming uncomfortablely warm. As I suck CJ off I use one hand to unbutton my nightshirt, I tell CJ I need a more comfortable place.
“Like where?” he answers
Luckily our guest room, along with a queen-sized bed, is downstairs. I pointed to that room and said, “There’s a bed in there.”
We stood and kissed, finally letting our clothes drop off.

We moved to the bed in tandem, CJ moving on top of me to begin his feast of the goddess. Soon he is lovingly sucking my nipples, his moustache brushing across my skin, it’s more sensitive from the heightening of pleasure he is giving me. I get more turned on watching him. The way my tits are forced all over his face when he pushes down on them.
“Suck me now,” I demand.
My ass and hips begin to rock and circle, legs spread wider. He continues his feast of the goddess by moving down and slurping at my pussy. I spread my lips for him, wanting his tongue so badly I ache. His wet, expert tongue heats up my cunt more.

As my hands leave my l
ips, I run my fingers through his hair and tell him what a good man he is. Several different sensations are running through my body, the flicks across my clit, the circling of his tongue between my inner lips, the soft feeling of his lips on my pussy lips, and every so often, flicks against my hot hole. Goddess I’m so glad I shaved my pussy! It’s so intense now!
Aching for release, and he knows it, he soon slips his fingers into my hot, ripe cunt.
t’s isn’t enough, I moan and pull him towards me, and I know that my eyes are begging for cock.
I get it, and we quickly start fucking like bunnies. He can give me those nice long thrusts with two quick ones that gets me where I’m going even faster.
So after about 30 minutes from start to finish (a quickie for us) I cum a couple times and I’m more than ready to meet the day.

My pussy after being eaten, fingered, and fucked by my favorite man is a wonderful site:

The day did not end there, but then there was the Thanksgiving shopping to do and time, tide, and the crowds at Wegman’s wait for no man or goddess.
That evening we were at it again.
I got a good idea for cock-blogging Wednesday, but somehow it turned into something else. That story when I post the pics on Wednesday.


Hugh said...

i can't decide which is hotter, the words or the pics. They were both amazing.

glad you had a fun sunday, minus the shopping

Anonymous said...

Thanks hugh...I always hope that one compliments the other...BTW: great to see you and your better half back.

AlwaysArousedGirl said...

Lovely. Quite a thrill to post that kind of picture, eh?

bedroomdancer said...

I love making love and then going out in public together afterwards. It's our little secret, and it makes the daily grind of life, work, erands, all so much nicer.

Suze said...

Very horny post, suddenly I'm in the mood again!

Love the pics they make a change from cocks. I suppose it could be Clit Blogging Wednesday. :D

gigi said...

absolutely lovey pussy!

Mac said...

Yes, your pussy is a beautiful sight after being eaten and fucked like that. It has such a satisfied look.

Midwestern City Boy said...

Is it politically incorrect to say I love the look of your pussy?