Tuesday, November 1, 2005

The Other Side

Thanks CJ, you are too kind....
I love you.

I liked seeing CJ's side of things. He brought up things that I haven't thought about mentioning in the past. Things like how I shake after a couple good orgasms, or how wet I can get, or that almost drunk feeling I have after being filled up with CJ's cock and my entire body having been worshipped by the rest of him.
I think the blog is much more complete with CJ adding his feelings, both physical and emotional to the mix.

I sure there will be more to cum....


the huntress said...

damn i sure hope so! you're stuff is great, but the 2 of you together....YOSHA!!!

Desireous said...

Wow it's awesome to get both sides! You are doing a great job here, both of you!!!


CJ said...

More to cum when the mood strikes me, but this is Deb's blog - not mine.. I just contribute when I can.

I have a work of warped fiction in my mind for later, so stay tuned.