Monday, October 31, 2005

A close shave

The phone call started out innocently enough; I was picking up a few last minute things for our Samhain fest at one of the local party stores, and thought I would ask Dirty Debbie what kind of mask she would like, because she was sans mask at the moment.
"I don't care - just hurry home, NOW - I need you!" the mistress of the dark commanded.
I knew from her tone of voice that she was somewhat serious, and that something was most definitely up.
Quickly paying for my purchases, I exited the store and drove hurriedly home, wondering just what Deb had gotten herself into.

Arriving home a short time later, Deb was nowhere to be found, so I mounted the staircase to the loft in search of the Goddess, only to find her spread out nekid on our bed , surrounded by her "toys", and looking very bear way down yonder.
"I need your expert opinion, and some assistance." she purred, spreading her legs out for me to see a gloriously shaved bald pussy just aching for my attention.
"I can't see all the way down there, and I think I missed a spot.."

Now Deb hadn't wanted to be bald as a cue ball in her neither regions before, so the sight of her smooth cunt was something of a pleasant shock to behold.
Coming closer, she reminded me that I needed to use baby powder with her new trimming tools, and reaching for the talc, I spilled too much on her, as she reminded me that there was a fine makeup brush for which to spread it upon the area to be shaved.
Stoking her gently with the brush, she clenched her fists and tensed up, and I knew from her reaction that she had been playing with one of her toys while awaiting my arrival.

Reaching for the razor, I finished quickly what she had started, leaving her clean and smooth.
While spreading the powder around some more in order to get every last hair, I couldn't help myself from gently manipulating her pussy, rubbing her clit in a circular motion, pressing my fingers into her flower ever so slowly as I brought her clitoris to a fully erect state.

Mmmm... I so enjoy seeing Debbie's clit so aroused, so I decided to put the brush down along with my glasses, and taste the dew that was emanating from her flower.
"Ahhhhhhh.... Ohhhhh.... Ooooooo!"
"Ahhhhh ahhh ahhh..."
Now with these moans emanating from the Goddess, who could help but not want to push a finger or two up her pussy in order to get to the internal G spot; could you?
Licking her rapidly with my tongue, I quickened my pace until Deb arched her back in a spasm of orgasm, climaxing in a rush of sweet fluid from between her thighs.

Faced with this visage, what was a boy to do but show her that I too was aroused, so I stood up and slowly unzipped my trousers just the way I know that she likes, allowing her to see the head of my cock poking precariously out of my bikini underwear, erect, and standing at attention.
The gleam in Deb's eyes told me what she wanted next.. Mr. Happy in her mouth.

Now Deb doesn't exaggerate about how much she likes to suck cock, and quite frankly, she's a pro when it comes to fellatio, so when she put her lips around my mushroom, it was like velvet.
Slurping furiously, she devoured my cock like a creamsicle, while slowly massaging my balls to the point that I could no longer stand.
Pushing her down on the bed, I stopped to behold the joy of bald pussy lips, and her still aroused clit, basking in a sight that I had not beheld in quite a long time.
Still slippery from my finger fucking, I couldn't hold back any longer, and placed my cockhead on her cunt lips, making slow strokes in and out as she likes before I plunge headlong (so to speak) into her well lubricated pussy.
"Ahhhh!" I said to myself, "There's nothing like the feeling of Deb's pussy." So tight, so smooth, yet yielding to my whims while silently begging me to fuck her like a stallion.

Friendly readers, when Dirty Debbie cums, it gushes, and she knows it. "I'm going to soak your balls with my cum!" she intoned throatily, and that she did. Three times.
Faster and faster I rode her, building to that moment of ecstasy where we join together as one, when suddenly she looked into my eyes terrified and said "Oh crap! This is the WORST possible day we could be doing this!!!"
Not wanting to be a buzz kill, something clicked in my brain and even though I was just about to burst my hot jizz inside her, I used a Hindu technique that I learned long ago and instead, emptied my cum into my bladder instead of Deb's throbbing (no exhaduration) pussy. Pulling out to check for the dreaded precum, I saw nothing, and knew my training was still in tact.

No matter. There was still pussy to fuck, I was hot, and Deb was still horny as hell.
Lets just end it this way: Dirty Debbie lived up to her name this time like every time, and bravely staggered downstairs after our ordeal to continue her preparations for our party, even though her hands and most of her body were still shaking.
Needless to say, she was pretty worn out this morning, and went to work sore from the workout and our orgasmic cosmic climax.


Brewhaha said...

hehe there is never a dull moment around your house is there? Keep up the good bloging. Glad you got the camera, it adds so much to your blog.

MrManicDepressive said...

WOW, sounds like great fun! I love TW's shaven pussy. She can't understand why she didn't do it sooner.

Glad your finding the same joy with Deb's. Keep on having lots fun plyaing with it!

bedroomdancer said...

"she devoured my cock like a creamsicle" great line!!

Storm Rider said...

Way to go CJ, its about time you left your side of the story! Great post by the way, and I love your womans rack!

the huntress said...

WOW! Well there Mr. CJ, are you sure you're not Tony the Tiger, cuz that was GR-R-R-E-A-T!!!!

You 2 are so awesome!

CJ said...

Thanks Huntress.. only the unvarnished truth babe.

Stormy stormy stormy, what can I say.