Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Cockblogging Wednesday - #1

Greetings all...
Finally a CBW post.
I got my camera delivered last night, but both CJ and I had long days at work and were too brain dead to start working with it.
So for now an older pic of CJ.
That's the yummiest most handsome cock I know.
Oh, and nice watch


Dee's Husband said...

Sigh! The indecisiveness of being a bi guy. Do I comment on that lovely dick and risk creeping out its owner, or let a perfectly suckable and delicious looking cock go uncomplimented?


gigi said...


Anonymous said...

No worries DH,
CJ hs had some bi experiences....go ahead and compliment that suckable dick...I do all the time...LOL

Anonymous said...

At the risk of seeming, uh, "bad", it's ok if you like looking at Mr. Happy! Not creeping me out at all..
I sincerely believe we are ALL bi, so, c'est la vie!
Thanks for the ego boost folks. ;)

Dee's Husband said...

Thanks, D & CJ! I'd rather not cross any lines that anybody would prefer not crossed on his or her own blog, but when a great looking cock makes me salivate freely, it bears mentioning!


The Venting Housewife said...

Very nice...but you do have good taste don't you DD :)

Desireous said...

Well D it would appear that your cj has a fine cock...very fine in deed! Can't wait to see more!


CJ said...

It seems that the community has spoken: more pix you will have m'dears.

As to comments: nothing is out of line or prohibited here except pain, animals and kids.

Desire X said...

I have finally convinced HIM to let me show his tool of the trade.
I am so excited to do CBW for the first time, as I am sure you are. CJ, you are lovely, well maybe lovely is the wrong word, but still, you are. What girl wouldn't want bragging rights to such a gorgeous and edible delight? I'm sure Debbie is so proud to display her man for all of us to ogle and sigh.

I'm sure you two are a perfect fit. That makes it all the more delicious.


Aragorn said...

Hi Deb, my 'virgin' comment on your blog (I think), but, surely not the last. I have been one of those 'silent' visitors so far, but CJ's cock pulled me over the edge I guess ... Always enjoyed your blog and will be back for more and link yo soon (when I have a little time) ... Keep up the exciting work !!!

Storm Rider said...

I have no idea what to say Deb!
Want to sword play, does'nt quite do it!
Oh I got something!
CJ, glad to see your arteries and capularies are working fine!

Anonymous said...

Hi all
Very good and thanks for all the comments so far.

Desireous: I'm hoping to give you plenty more pix, including that fine dick in action...mmmm...yummy!

Aragorn: Welcome, and keep enjoying and commenting.

Desire x: The fit is perfect in more than one way...yes CJ help keeps Debbie