Friday, October 28, 2005

All Work And No Play

It was always a great way to start and end my work days. Somehow I almost always ran into ‘him’ in the underground garage, then shared the elevator ride up to our offices, his on the 10th floor, mine on the 18th. At the end of the day we usually shared that same ride back down to the garage. We’ve never been formally introduced, just the usual workplace nods and smiles with a quick “good morning” or “hi” when the day started and “ ‘nite” when we were leaving. There was nothing exceptional about his looks, he was always dressed nicely, very GQ, and he smelled great ! If my nose didn’t deceive me it was Calvin Klein’s Eternity for Men. There was nothing I could put my finger on, but I found him intriguingly sexy.
It’s funny - maybe even all in my head - but lately it seemed as though the smiles were lasting longer and the glances were becoming more direct. Sometimes the thought of him made me smile during my dreary day. All this happened, day in, day out through most of the gloomy winter months. By the time spring bloomed I was getting curious about ‘him’. Could we ride more than just the elevator together? What would it be like?
Problem is that I had no idea how to approach the situation. I didn’t even know his name !
Then it was as though I went on auto-pilot one day. I started wearing more provocative clothing, at least as much as is allowed in the workplace. I was putting on my prettier lingerie in the morning, choosing blouses with a bit more reveling neckline, dresses with a shorter hemline, and shoes with a bit more heel to them.
I didn’t add to my jewelry, make-up, or fragrance, figuring that would be a bit much.
One day an opportunity arose and I had to jump on it, so to speak.
I hadn’t seen ‘him’ in the garage or in the elevators in the morning or evening for several days. Of course, I knew he could be on vacation or even sick, but that Friday night at 5:00 pm. I thought it be a great excuse to visit the 10th floor office and look for him. By the time I got down there most people were gone; after all it was a Friday at 5:00 pm, and half the lights were dimmed. I looked around at the offices, very nice, but no luck finding ‘him’ until finally I reached a corner office that still had lights glowing, the door was open so I walked by. There ‘he’ was.
I felt blood rushing through my body, my face felt warm and flushed, but I was determined to act as a woman who knows what she wants rather than a silly schoolgirl….
“Hi, I haven’t seen you for a few days and was wondering if you were all right” I said as soon as he looked up from his desk at me.
“I needed to change my hours for this week, I’ve been working from noon to 8:00 pm.”
“So we’ve just been missing each other” I answered.
“I know I missed you” he said as he stood up from his desk.
He moved towards me, I felt frozen for a moment thinking, ‘what do I do?’ As he got closer I felt a lot calmer for two reasons: one, he was shutting the door to his office, and two, I could tell under that nice blue suit was a growing, dare I say, raging hard-on.
You know what I thought, don’t you? ….yummy!
I pretended not to notice and just kept smiling until he grabbed me by the shoulders and kissed me, forcing his tongue between my lips and teeth and into my mouth, wildly exploring me as he pushed the rock in his pants against my thigh. I returned the kisses with the same enthusiasm. His kisses soon moved to my neck, then my ear. He held me tight as he whispered in my ear, ”I know you want what I want honey, tell me”
I whispered back, “Yes, I’ve wanted to know how your body felt for months now”
“I’m yours honey, I want to fuck you, fuck you just the way you want” he said soothingly.
I stepped back and out of his embrace and started to strip for him. It was a way to tune into my body first, so then he could be totally tuned in to it later. He sat down on the couch as I unbuttoned my blouse, teasing in the way my body moved and how I looked at him. I let it fall to the floor as I unzipped the back of my skirt, it slipped past my hips and was soon a crumpled mass at my feet.
Stepping out of it and moving closer to ‘him’, I was now only dressed in a white lace bra, a half slip that covered a white garter belt that was holding up my white stocking, and my high heels.
Tomorrow: Debbie Takes Dicktation
*note: images are thanks to Naughty America


Bill F. said...

OK, I'll break this one. Great story so far. I might have to get me one of these blogs to publish my erotic fiction.

Anonymous said...

Hey bill, go for it!
It's very freeing, helps to explore your sexuality, and you'd be amazed how many wonderful, intelligent, interesting people are out there just like you...start with my blog roll to get an idea.
Let me know if you start up a site, I'll be sure to check you out.
Good luck....

Biker & Teacher said...


More please, I was reading this to The Biker and when I stopped he said, "Where the fuck's the rest?"

You got both of us wanting more! Office, elevators, GQ, provocative clothing, are all the right ingredients.

The Teacher

Anonymous said...

And to think CJ has called me a cock tease in the
There's more don't worry...but you'll have to wait, aching, until tomorrow...
As CJ says 'sauces taste better when simmered slowly'
Hope to help you have a wonderful Sex Saturday.

gigi said...

OOOH!*stamps foot puts vibrator away*

pantylines said...

Your blog is such an addiction!!! I love it