Saturday, October 22, 2005

Relief At Last

It was another gray, rainy autumn day here, and lately I have been wondering if I actually moved to Seattle instead of Baltimore.
Around 4:00 I got what I later found out to be vibes from my soul mate, and so I figured I would stop at the supermarket and pick up something delicious for dinner.
This week was the first week with both of us working and I was looking forward to spending time with my beloved and the calm the weekend brings.
When I got home CJ wasn’t there yet. “Some perfect time to myself!”, I thought.
I put away the groceries and ascended the wooden spiral staircase to one of my favorite places, my tub. Starting the hot bath running, adding bath salts, and striping out of my dress down Friday clothes, effortlessly I sank into the tub.
:::SIGH::: yummy….
As always, the water took all the cares of the day away, eventually winding their way down the drain. I did some quick shaving, trimmed my pussy up a bit, admiring my spread legs in the silver overflow plate and the end of the tub.
CJ came limping through the door about 45 minutes after I got out of the tub looking tired and worn out from his stressful day at work. I was dressed in one of my favorite lounging outfits: a red satin pajama set with a subtle darker red paisley print on it.
Have I told you about my lingerie fetish? Perhaps that is for another day.
I had a couple of candles lit, jazz playing on the digital cable music channel, and hors d’oeuves heating in the oven. I could tell he was hurting and very glad to be home, and I was happy to be there for him.
It’s part of what I do.
It’s part of how I love him.
It’s important to me to create that that Comfort Zone in our home.
We enjoyed our dinner and CJ started to wind down, and afterwards it was his turn to soak in the tub and have some down time.
In a little while CJ joined me on the couch. I reminded him that we still had dessert if he wanted some and his reply shot shivers through me: “I want Debbie for dessert”
He began kissing me, his tongue exploring my lips and mouth, my tongue dancing with his. Finding each other after so long, after too long a time, warmed my entire body. We kissed, nibbled and licked each other’s mouths, necks, ears. His skin was warm, moist and supple in my mouth and across the tip of my tongue. Thus started dessert and how we devoured each other.
As I moaned with his touch, deftly, effortlessly, his warm hands unbuttoned the first top buttons of my top, giving him access to my tits and the hardening nipples that yearned for him. It was if my thoughts became his actions in an instant, his mouth was immediately plastered on my nipple. Ohhh…that is where heaven begins for me; such a wonderful mixture of sensations that include CJ’s mustache and goatee tickling the sensitive skin on my tits as he suckles me. The feel of his tongue tickling my nipple, the bite of his teeth, all sending small shockwaves throughout my body, I have to let him know how I love what he’s doing to me: “Oh baby, oh god I love it, that’s it! Suck me”!
All this time my other breast wasn’t ignored as his expert hand cupped, squeezed, and kneaded my tit and tweaked my nipple. My moans and gasps expressing the pleasure, delight, the beginning, the very beginning of me falling into him….again.
By now I am totally giving myself into the sensations, not only his touch, but his smell, the feel of his skin, our bodies beginning to move in concert.
I part my legs as CJ’s hand move towards my now aching pussy. He plays with me, with my cunt through the damp satin crotch of my pants; it mimics the damp satin walls of my pussy.
I moan and gasp as the pace of my breathing quickens, hands starting the exploration of his body, moving to his hardening cock. Once there my hand began to love and feel his stiffness, pushing and rubbing his cock through the soft fabric of his sweatpants….

Tomorrow: Relief At Last Part 2


The Venting Housewife said...

Alright I can wait...I know it will be worth it.

Biker & Teacher said...


I love when you say, "It’s part of what I do. It’s part of how I love him. It’s important to me to create...that Comfort Zone..."

That is also an important part to me. Taking care of each other is essential in a loving relationship. The Biker shows and tells me all the time how much he appreciates what I do for him. And I do the same for him.

I wait patiently for part 2.


The Teacher

Shay said...


(having a lover for dessert is so much more satisfying than cake ^_^)

Can't wait for the next installment

Brewhaha said...

She's BACK! Awesome.....

Anonymous said...

Yep, I'm back, now with CJ helping more with my writing. It's really a fun thing to do as a couple.

Thanks for seeing the beauty in it too...our love-making is a wonderful mixture of coarseness and tenderness.

Spikey1 said...

So far so good...