Friday, October 28, 2005

Nice Tickle CJ

I had an unexpected little tickle last night. Quite enjoyable. I was on the couch with CJ, reclining, in shorts, with no panties on when out of the blue CJ pulled the crotch of my shorts over for greater access and started playing with my pussy, first gently between my lips, then onto my clit. I could feel myself getting wetter, then slipping his fingers into me...mmm.
And he does that nice little trick so well, the g-spot tickle from the inside with one hand while the other circles and plays with my clit.
He always has the boyish, impish grin on his face as he watches me melt away. I think it makes him even cuter.
I don't cum as hard as I do when I have all of him, but I did cum...twice.
I finshed up by licking and sucking on his Dirty Debbie juicy fingers.
Good man CJ...nice tickle....yummy!


AlwaysArousedGirl said...

And did you do anything to reward him, hmmmm? To return the favor? Do tell!!!

Anonymous said...

No sadly enough I didn't...he's had a difficult week at work, and was too tired to enjoy anything.
I'll have to repay him at a later date, but not to worry, he will get his 'just desserts'.

gigi said...

I like a man who cleans up after himself!

Storm Rider said...

Some things you just should not wear when watching TV. (namely , underwear!)

green tea said...

don't you just love those sweet little moments...and I agree with SR!