Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Living A Double Life?

Sometimes I feel as though I'm almost living a double life, part of it in the 'real' world, the other part in blogland. It doesn't bother me, but it does make me think.

Is it really a 'double life', or an extension of who I am and the life I choose to live right now?
Every so often I think:
What would my boss say?
What would my kid/mother/sister think?
What would my fill in blank here think/say?

It's quite an interesting turn on to me as I head to my office, dressed well, carrying a briefcase, to think: They have no idea the naughty things I'm wearing underneath or they have no idea what I wrote and posted on the internet last night. Soon I'll be able to add:they have no idea I put naked pictures of myself and lover up on the internet. What's even better? I love it! Talk about shock and awe...lol
I really enjoy the people I regularly communicate with through my blog and theirs. Not only have I gained some new insight through them, but it's comforting to find intelligent, loving, like-minded people out there.
I'm enjoying that at age 46 I'm still exploring and expanding my sexuality and the world of sexblogs is just one more instrument to that end.
So what do you think?
What do you think of your sexblogging persona?


AlwaysArousedGirl said...

Pictures? Really? (Ears perk up...)

Lucky us!

bedroomdancer said...

Oh I totally agree. My sexblog persona is so seperate from my "real" life. And yet, I find myself thinking of it, talking of it to my husband throughout the day. I'd never want my family/friends/co-workers to know about my sex blog, but I have realy enjoyed meeting new people through my sexblog. You included!!

Dee's Husband said...

My sexblog persona is my entire online persona and has been for nearly ten years now. I love the dirty bum! He's always leading me toward pleasure and he managed to make my wife and me fall in love all over again and even converted her into being a perv too. I don't necessarily like having to keep him a secret, but do so out of necessity. Sometimes I'd really like to use him to rub a few well deserved noses in a heap of carp, but again, I can't.

I've only recently begun to make blog friends and I'm enjoying their friendships very much. Some I need a daily dose of and find myself disappointed on the days when they can't write something to their blogs.

Now, about those pictures... Pictures? What pictures?


Dee's Husband said...

Heap of carp?

I meant crap, folks!

Anonymous said...

Wow! I love the comments so far and I'm looking forward to more of my regulars stopping by and telling me about there personas.

As for pix: I got a good deal on a digital camera, but I had to order it online to get the deal...I am currently waiting for delivery. Once it's here the pictures should be on a more regular basis, probably starting slow at first since it's my first time. But CJ promised to be gentle...lol

hellas41 said...

Pictures....Pictures...wow can't wait....and by the way I just became a blog reader and I love yours..........

Desireous said...

Okay first I have to say to Dee's husband and here I thought you were being quite creative and clever there in changing crap for carp. I mean a heap of carp would smell pretty darned bad if you ask me. LOL

As for the subject at hand the online persona. I keep mine a secret mostly because of my children. I think I would be more open about it if it weren't for them. I am pretty comfortable with this side of myself and feel others should be too. But the world we live in probably isn't ready for that. I think if I didn't have childrent I would try to ready the world for it. I really believe we humans are much too uptight about sex.

Anyway I am very happy to have met many new people here online. People that think like myself or similarly. People who can talk about sex without giggling. Not that there is anything wrong with an occasional giggle but you know what I mean.


BathTime Gal said...

You will love taking pictures, Bandit and I didn't realize what an intense turn-on it was going to be when we started taking pictures while fucking. He was like a kid in a candy store..."Ooo, this is gonna be a good one..hey, do this..etc!" We had fun, I know you will also. And about the sexblog persona...yeah, alot of people would freak out if they knew, it is so not like us at all. As a matter of fact, I have another blog...kinda of a 'mommy' blog about everyday stuff....and it's totally different from what Bandit and I blog about here! We love your blog and glad you're back and feeling better!!! Can't wait for the pics!

Storm Rider said...

Deb, you know as well as I do, that you wished someone at your office knew, just to know they could have read your blog the night before, and maybe you showed pics of your wet pussy or maybe you state the next day you where not going to wear underwear!
The problem is always descetion, but oh how excited you would be if my woman and I worked at your company!
Keep it up Sweety, I have'nt kept you on my links because of your pics, its because your almost as twisted as I am! LOL

Anonymous said...

Desireous...I know what you mean when mention the children, even though my daughter is almost 21, it's just not something she needs to know about.
I too have another blog, although I haven't kept up with it lately that is more about 'me' the link is actually on my page: The Long Strange Trip.

Bandit and Sexysm...I'm hoping that our experience is like yours, I'm imaging some interesting role playing along with it. One thing worries me, that it will take over or 'get in the way' of the love-making, but I'll just wait and see what happens.

Storm...you always know how to tickle my fancy...and are quickly becoming a BILF.

figleaf said...

Hi Debbie,

Yup, it's pretty refreshing to be able to express yourself anonymously online. I'm not sure why it's easier to say things to total strangers than it is to friends and family but... it just is. Even weirder that one can post highly erotic photos online and still blush when someone says "your fly's unzipped." I don't know why that is. But it is.

I enjoy your blog and think you've got a great bunch of commenters too.

Pictures or no pictures I look forward to visiting again. Thanks.

Take care,


ZGD63 said...

I think that's why were all here on a similar subject. Most people couldn't handle our fertile, open minds. We would be made to feel ashamed and embarrassed. Only here in the safety of anonimity, can we reveal our deepest desires and realities.