Monday, October 31, 2005


Dirty Debbie is thinking about her next post.
Will it be a work of fiction?
Will it be an accounting of her with CJ?
Maybe just some musings on being a sexblogger.
We shall see
But for now, Dirty Debbie sits and 'thinks'


Jesse said...

wow, debbie, you are very sexy, a nice boob shot and pic of you in stockings, can't ask for much more of a visual treat.

I am hoping that these pics will be a sign og things to come


Bill F. said...

Well, you are a hot piece of ass that's for certain. Your lovers very hot description of the apres shaving was hot enough, then I see two hot pics. Very nice. Thanks.

Brewhaha said... ROCK Debbie

Storm Rider said...

Now thats beutiful sweety! Good Job!

Anonymous said...

Glad everyone's happy (especially you Storm Rider)
Believe me, there's more to come...

AlwaysArousedGirl said...

You are gorgeous and sexy and beautiful. Thank you for posting.