Sunday, October 16, 2005

A Spark

Finally the rain and gray clouds have left the East coast of the US.
There is something about the sunshine that seems to be helping my recovery greatly. I don’t feel as tired, I’ve stopped taking my Percocet and Vicodan.

But none of this puts the Dirty back in Debbie.
Until yesterday.

I started to catch up on all the blogs I read and found some new ones I am looking forward to investing more in depth. I read stories, I looked at pictures, I found more free porno and you know what? I got damn hot. I ached. I was moist. I was alive!
Yes, I know that in reality I still have two more weeks of recovery after I see my surgeon on Tuesday, but nothing like sunny days and hot blood flowing to heal.

Oh the things I think about with CJ now.
I actually don’t want to masturbate now. I know I would explode like an A-bomb.
I want to save that ‘I’m back' orgasm purely for CJ’.
Since we have been through this mess together, it’s one more event in our lives that brings us closer together.
He really does make my cup runneth over.
I want to be with him again. It’s been way too long. I want to show him my love. I want to feel him all over me and I need to give that all back to him.
Although I am still self conscious because I have four incisions, that will be scars eventually, I hope that he will help me lose that in our bed.
Ahh….our bed. What a wonderful idea, a wonderful feeling, a wonderful place.

And FYI:
Last night CJ and I checked out digital cameras. I decided on one that isn’t too expensive, but has all the features we will need to enhance my web page. I haven’t bought it yet, but it should be soon. I'm looking forward to seeing how it expands my own self awareness of my sexuality.


Shay said...

Glad to hear you're feeling better! Sunshine always does it for me too. ^_^

Bill F. said...

I bought both of my children (Ha, young adults!) digital cameras from TigerDirect for under 100 bucks and they give my Sony a run for the money. You can get some nice value for the money if you want to shop and do a little mail order. I look forward to visuals being added to the Blog.

ZGD63 said...

Don't worry about the wife has one right above the pubic line from a surgery as a very young girl. She was very shy about me seeing her naked because of this. I told her the line looked like a smile welcoming me to her treat. She quickly lost her concerns with that...and the attention I lavished on her juicy, tender twat!

Your husgand will probably work overtime wanting to make you feel good about this...enjoy!