Tuesday, October 4, 2005

Checking In

Hello to all my wonderful, kind, thoughtful readers.
I am checking in...as CJ has let you know, I am now at home recuperating.
Tonight is my first night back on the computer.
I am taking things slowly. My doctor won't allow me to back to the office until I have my post-operative check-up in 2 weeks. So I'm stuck at home, doing some work from my computer and resting.
As you can imagine with my body feeling this way, I do not feel myself at all.
Therefore the energies I have poured onto this page will not be there for a while.
Please be patient. I promise, Debbie will be Dirty again.
Thanks again for all your kind wishes and thoughts.
CJ told me about what people wrote while I was in the hospital and it really brightened my day.

Check out this site for more info on laproscopic gallbladder removal


thor_brsp said...

Hi Debbie,

how are you going?
I hope that you feel better!
What's happened???
I miss you!
If could I make something to brighten up your recuperate, it just talk me.

Storm Rider said...

Well sweety, since I just got out of all that surgery for my back , I know what its like to be not being able to move fast.
So I wont tease or excite you, take your Vicodin and relax, the juices will flow another time!

bedroomdancer said...

Yep. RElax, get better, then dirty. Sounds good. Can't be dirty all the time, although sometimes I wish I could, I bet you do too.

Storm Rider said...

Alright, times up! Time to get Dirty!

Anonymous said...

Hey Storm, I'm trying, but I can't even be held close to CJ without it hurting yet...but I warned him tonight that when I am all healed up that we are making a 'date'...

BathTime Gal said...

I think Storm needs a spanking!!! You take all the time you need to recover...surgery is always a bitch! Glad you're back!!!!

Storm Rider said...

SM= your teasing me again!
Deb, you get well, dont listen to me, Im as twisted as they cum, I just dont want CJ to lose a nut from internal preasure!

cdb said...

Laparoscopic cholecystectomy is way, way better than the pain of gallstones. I once spent a week in the hospital with a gall bladder flare up. That was so awful. Debbie, I will show you my scars if you show me yours! :-)

Anonymous said...

Planning on pix of scars *and* actual gallstones (CJ had the surgeon save some).
And definetly the pain of a gallbladder flare up or gallbladder disease is 100 times worse compared to what I have to deal with now.

Storm Rider said...

Check your G-mail

Anonymous said...

See http://TheFuturum.com - you can send message to eternity there.

Anonymous said...

See http://TheFuturum.com - you can send message to eternity there.

wind walker said...

hope you are feeling better...and nevermind men like storm!!! geez storm, you know sometimes being on your back isn't a good thing!!

Desire X said...

Hail Uriel guardian of the North. Let your spirit inform this circle, add your will to mine.
Hail Raphael guardian of the East. Let your spirit inform this circle, add your will to mine.
Hail Michael guardian of the South. Let your spirit inform this circle, add your will to mine.
Hail Gabriel guardian of the West. Let your spirit inform this circle, add your will to mine.
I invoke Achelois, she who drives away pain.
Oh please great Achelois protect Debbie from pain.
And keep her safe in our hearts.
Let her be flourished in love of greatest powers.
Bless this woman with protection from pain and let her feel comforted by it.
With all the power in me I free her from pain.
Circle open / be unbroken Power down / to the ground

Sending you warm healing thoughts.
Keep your candles lit and your heart open so you can feel the healing.

Hugs and warm sweet kisses on your forehead. You will be well soon. I just know it. DQ, Vader and some of the other girls have been sending healing vibes your way too. You are in our chants.


Anonymous said...

Desire X:
Many, many thanks, and yes I feel the healing power.
I have never felt so much poured out to me over the past couple of weeks, it humbles a being.
There is so much truth to the wheel of the universe...that what you give, comes back to you three-fold.

J. Star said...

Hey! Sorry to hear you had to have your gallbladder out...and as emergency surgery no less! That stinks! Hope you are on the path to recovery quickly.

Brewhaha said...

Hey! Just thought of something....we can't say "You've got a lot of gall"
anymore....wonder where that expression started?? :)

Anonymous said...

CJ here,
Strangly enough, it took me some time to figure this one out, as the phrasology of "it takes a lot of gall" is rare, so the etymology must be considered just of the word "gall".
This is what I found that most closely matches where the phrase comes from:

The trait of being rude and impertinent; inclined to take liberties [syn: crust, impertinence, impudence, insolence, cheekiness, freshness] v 1: become or make sore by or as if by rubbing [syn: chafe, fret] 2: irritate or vex; "It galls me that we lost the suit" [syn: irk]

Source: WordNet ® 2.0, © 2003 Princeton University

The oldest sources are from the Christian Bible:

Heb. mererah, meaning "bitterness" (Job 16:13); i.e., the bile secreted in the liver. This word is also used of the poison of asps (20:14), and of the vitals, the seat of life.

Gr. chole (Matt. 27:34), the LXX. translation of the Hebrew rosh in Ps. 69; 21, which foretells our Lord's sufferings. The drink offered to our Lord was vinegar (made of light wine rendered acid, the common drink of Roman soldiers) "mingled with gall," or, according to Mark (15:23), "mingled with myrrh;" both expressions meaning the same thing, namely, that the vinegar was made bitter by the infusion of wormwood or some other bitter substance, usually given, according to a merciful custom, as an anodyne to those who were crucified, to render them insensible to pain.
Jesus, knowing this, refuses to drink it. He would take nothing to cloud his faculties or blunt the pain of dying. He chooses to suffer every element of woe in the bitter cup of agony given him by the Father (John 18:11).

So that's it kids!

Anonymous said...

Isn't he cute?

Storm Rider said...

We tried to send what you requested but it came back.Hope your feeling better!