Sunday, October 30, 2005

So New - So Hot !

I'm still shaking...from a fantastic lovemaking session that has just ended with CJ.
The man spoils me relentlessly.
First thing this morning CJ took a couple of pics of me. I was wearing a favorite of his...a flannel 'boyfriend' nightshirt from Victoria's Secret.
Then later I shaved my pussy bare for the first time, with CJ's help.
That was a real turn on for me and I played with one of my favorite toys for a while, a clit tickler attached to my vibrator.
Then it moved on to CJ's tongue working that wonderful magic on my clit...then onto a major fuck fest...not to say it wasn't beautiful lovemaking, it was just intense.
Better yet, I felt so at ease that we got a total of 34 pics out of it!
I have to go through them and see what I'll put on the blog, but needless to say there will be some good pics soon.

Halloween is my favorite holiday, partially because I'm Wicca, so today and the next day will be busy. That's why there aren't many details about the great lovemaking session or the pics yet, but it will come.
Maybe if we're lucky we can get CJ to put his 2 cents in.

So hold on folks....I'm cumming !


The Venting Housewife said...

Sometimes its just all about a good fuck, isn't it Debbie?

I can't wait to see those dirty pics.

bedroomdancer said...

Yah, gotta love the good fucks.

So you decided to join the furless huh? I'm still keeping mine bare but still getting the red bumps...

Desireous said...

Well then I'd wish you a Happy Halloween but it sounds as if your already on your way there! :-)~ You go girl! Looking forward to those pics!


Storm Rider said...

CJ, come on guy! It really does make it better when you have two sides to the story!

gigi said...


Anonymous said...

Pics are promised this evening...once I get home from work.

As for CJ's side of the story...I will try my coy feminine ways to get him to do some writing.

the huntress said...

delicious story deb! just like everyone one else....can't wait to see those pics ;)