Wednesday, October 12, 2005

An Urge

Hello to all friends.
Yes an urge has hit me, no not the usual one that hits me when I write on these pages, but an urge just the same.
I am still stuck here at home, taking care of myself and counting down the days to follow-up with the surgeon, getting back to work, and getting back to being dirty.
At least the little wheels are turning, with some help of CJ, of course.
He thinks I should take my hospital experience and turn it into a erotic story.
What exactly was done to me while I was under in the operating room?

Actually, I'm hoping that when things get dirty again it won't be fiction that I'm writing about, but rather my chance to be together with CJ again. He did so much for me and has been so patient he definitely deserves a reward.....yummy! Of course, that will be a reward for me too.
With these four incisions still very much visible and dressed, along with various bruises on my hands and arms, it makes me feel, shall we say, less than beautiful.

It's almost strange to me...this total lack of libido. I don't think I've been this way since right after childbirth, and that was 20 years ago. No reason to think that my veracious appetite will not return, but I am longing now for that feeling that is totally Dirty Debbie.

No worries....I'm fighting back every day, with much help from every one of you (at least I'm now up to reading all my favorite blogs again....always inspiring)


Storm Rider said...

It will come back sweety! Takeyour time, just when you think that you are broke and never be erotic again it hits you like a brick!
We did not forget what you wanted but your e-mail wont go through and it sent it back.
Get well!

wind walker said...

libido is naturally high in some and naturally low in others...however, even those with the highest libidos need to slow down while they are recovering...

sometimes all we can do is sit in stew in our dirty desires....

Anonymous said...

Thanks storm, try my email on my profile page...I don't have a gmail account.

Shay said...

Hope you feel better soon! Keep taking your vitamins!