Saturday, October 29, 2005

Debbie Takes Dicktation

This is the continuation of No Work.....
Instructing him to my take slip off, he happily complied and got a nice surprise: I wasn’t wearing any panties. He was face to face with my bald pussy, framed by my garter belt and stockings.Dropping to his knees, he buried his face between my already swollen lips. I could feel his nose on my clit as his tongue slurped at my slit, making it even more slippery. I held his face close to me as I moaned out. This was almost too much, I widened my stance as he moved under me, tickling my asshole with his tongue, then finding my clit, and he gently sucked my hot swollen nib between his lips. It didn’t take a lot of his sucking and flicking to make me cum on his face. He stood up and I kissed and licked my juices off his lips and from his mouth.Again I backed off from him and pulled my tits out and over my bra, another feeling I like: my bra still on, but my tits free.So my tits were the next thing my new lover would explore, rubbing, kissing, nibbling, and yes my favorite, sucking. As he did this my hands moved between his thighs and found his rock hard cock. That meat had to be freed, it seemed so uncomfortable. I loosened his belt and unzipped him, then out of his pants, throbbing, looking as though he was gasping for air emerged a fine, stiff dick.
“Do you give head?, it’s OK if you don’t, but…..”
Before he was able to finish I was on my knees, licking his balls and listening to his moans. I rolled his nuts over my tongue then took long lollipop licks up the underside of his man meat. His meat smelled and tasted as good as the cologne I had enjoyed everyday over the past couple of months. He could stand the licks for a while, but finally had reached the tipping point. I reached his cockhead and he grabbed my head, pulling my hair he forced my take him down my throat. He moaned out again saying “Oh, I’ve never had it like this! That’s it.. suck my cock”
I sucked hard as he pumped in and out of my face. I could feel the inside of my cheeks hitting his hard cock, it was hot against the walls of my mouth and it tasted great! My nails ran up the inside of his thighs causing another moan and he said “Ohh god I can feel that in my balls.”
That was the cue for me to hum on his meat stick and massage his balls. He pumped faster and let me know he was ready to cum. I held onto the base of his cock, pulled him out of my mouth and let him spray his man milk over my tits. I started to eat his hot cum from my hard nipples, but soon he joined me licking his hot milk off me too.
He fell back onto the couch, smiling and catching his breath.
While he relaxed on the couch, I moved to the edge of his desk. My pussy was so hot, so wet, so swollen now that I needed to work on some relief. I put my feet up, spread my legs and made sure that ‘he’ had a good view of my red, slick pussy.
“This is what you did to me and I need to do something about it”

A smile came across his face when I moved a hand down to just cup my pussy and play with it. I looked around his desk and found what I needed, an empty Coke bottle. I looked ‘him’ straight in the eye as I slowly pushed the neck of the bottle into my cunt. He smiled again and kept watching, I swear I saw his cock twitch. I slowly pushed the bottle farther and farther inside me. The cool glass felt good against the walls of my steaming snatch. I loosened up more, moaned out and with my free hand I played with my clit. Rhythmically I clamped down on and loosened up on the bottle with my pussy. Keeping this up for a little while, my audience was totally captive and his cock was starting to twitch and grow hard again.
I took a couple of large paper clips from the desk and fastened them onto my nipples, ohh…yummy!
Only a few more minutes of me playing with myself, coming closer and closer to the edge he got up and came to the desk. He took the bottle out of me, and the paper clips off my nipples.
Then, finally, finally what I needed…his cock in my cunt.
He pushed me over the edge of the desk, I turned to look behind me as grabbed his cock and began to enter my aching pussy from behind. We both moaned out, it was so sweet, it felt so good, so much better than I had hoped. Soon he had a perfect pace going and I couldn’t get enough of it….”Fuck me you bastard, fuck me harder”
He slammed into me a few more times, pulled out, and rolled me onto my back on top of the desk.
Papers and supplies flew off as he entered me again and pulled my feet up to rest on his shoulders. He was hot, hard, and slippery with my juices. I watched his glistened cock disappear into me, faster, and faster. He was inside me up to the hilt, balls slapping on my ass, “Ohhh god you’re good, make me cum fucker, I want to cum again!” He breath quicken as he fucked me deep and hard with one thumb playing with my clit. I could feel that wave taking over my entire body, then the sweet explosion….”Ahhh I’m cuuummmming!!”
With that he exploded again, making my pussy even hotter and sloppier with his cum. He pulled out of me and let me know what a sweet cream pie I had. He then took a final slurp of my pussy and kissed me. We ate each other’s cum and enjoyed their mingling in our mouths.
When I could get my footing I straightened up and got dressed.
I kissed him on the cheek, said “Good to see that you’re doing fine.”, and left.
On Monday he was back to his regular schedule so we rode the elevator together, nodded, and smiled, a little more knowingly now.
One funny thing, I still don’t know his name!


Suze said...

Where do you work, I'm currently looking for a job?

I would certainly be prepared to stay over.

Wow, you've left me hot and bothered. I'll be back.

Suze X

Storm Rider said...

Now thats an erotic tale my dear! I love the fact you didnt remember his name the most! Now I dont feel so bad!

Biker & Teacher said...

The Biker feels much better now that the whole story has been told. He bottle fucked me a week ago, but he is standing right next to me dangling paper clips in front of me. I think he wants to play! Thanks.

The Teacher

The Venting Housewife said...

You are such an amazing writer!

I have had sex at work...I remember it was hot until we got caught...humm something to write about.