Sunday, October 23, 2005

Relief At Last - Part 2

CJ knows me so well and the next thing he did is a small, but kinky turn on of mine.
He pulled that handsome, stiff cock slowly out of the fly of his sweatpants allowing me to see it standing at full attention, not unlike a wooden soldier of yore.
His shirt, smooth, sensual, washable silk was partially open and his cock was hard and hanging out of his pants….yummy!
I had to be closer to him again and began kissing him again. His hand wrapped around his dick clenching it firmly, and when I saw this I couldn’t help but whisper in his ear: “Stroke it, show me”. I watched as he slowly jerked his stiff meat, his cockhead partially disappearing into his fist as he enveloped it.
Again, I am forced to say….yummy!
I took his spongy cockhead between my thumb and fingers and started pulling it up towards me, jerking it with slow abandon, while all the time kissing and nibbling his neck. His fingers then began to weave through my thick hair, and finally he forcefully but quickly pushed my head on top of that tasty meat of his.
At first I was off to the side, but I hastily positioned myself in one of my favorite positions…on my knees in front of my man, with my head buried between his legs, and my hands massaging his balls.
My god how I love to suck to his cock!
Mmmmm….it makes me soooo wet!
And I love to be told how bad I am; of course CJ knows this too, saying to me:
“You’re my dirty cock whore aren’t you?”
Being taught to never talk with my mouth full all I could do was moan and nod, but I know CJ got the message.
I could feel his cockhead hit the roof of my mouth as my tongue played with the underside of his shaft. To me he is a buffet and I was going to make sure I had all I could eat.
From having him deep down my throat, I moved to just tickling his cockhead by flicking my tongue all over it, then back again. During all this CJ deftly had pushed my top over my shoulders and off me, and slide my pants down so my ass was showing. My head starting bobbing and sucking on him, and even I like the sound of my slurping, sloppy, moaning blow job; it’s just one more thing to keep me turned on.
I pulled up, sucking and keeping him in my mouth, and then looked up at him. He looked down at me, enjoying every moment and said: “Where’s a camera when you need one?”
(FYI: the camera has shipped and we should have it around Wednesday).
Finally he pulled me off his swollen head and showed be the big throw pillow that was on the floor in front of the couch.
“See that pillow?” he said, almost coyly.
“Yes…” I answered.
“Kiss the pillow Debbie” he demanded.

I knew what that meant, and again more perfection.
As I’ve mentioned before, doggie is one of my favorite positions. I enjoy the idea of ‘presenting’ my puffy wet pussy to CJ. It turns me on to think that my steaming cunt is communicating to CJ on it’s own, that it’s calling for him fill her up with hot hard cock, and he does it so well.
So I hugged the pillow, bending down, ass up, legs spread, and hips thrusting towards him. He was quickly stripped down, and held onto my hips as he ran the tip of his cock up and down my hot slit. I was already starting to go wild, but wanted to calm down.
“Slowly honey, tease me” I moaned out.
My wish was his command and he entered me, only fucking me with a couple inches of his dick. I could feel my pussy clamp around him and pull him into me, I love that feeling of the ‘first entry’. Then I hit that point where I surrender and ‘Us’ is created.
Soon I needed all of him, I need that cock slamming into me and I begin to beg for more… ”Oh CJ, fuck me, drive it home, fuck me!”
Again, my wish is his command and I feel all of him in me as I push and wiggle my ass back against him.
As CJ quickens his pace I can feel his smooth balls slap against me. Then he leaned over me, still pumping, his fingers easily finding my swollen clit and gently and faultlessly tickled it as he fucked me harder. I keep up with each thrust. I didn’t want to miss loving any part of his cock; I didn’t want to miss any opportunity to make him feel good. Not too long after that began my whole body began to shiver, I could feel that sweet explosion starting….then….then…. shuddering ”FUCK YES! Stir that pussy!” I came hard, all over CJ’s fine, handsome manhood and balls.
By now I was moaning, screaming, and bucking against him as he continued to fuck the hell out of my cunt, making me come again.
We finished with CJ falling on top of me, our ankles intertwine and our hands clasped….we are together…joined again…beautiful…still.
“I love you”


The Venting Housewife said...

Debbie your so dirty girl *smiles*
I love it!!
I love how he asked you to kiss the pillow, he scores major points for the creativity for asking like that.
As always, a very hot and satisfying post.

Anonymous said...

You think that's hot...
Hey honey I live it !
And I love it !
I first made love to CJ when I was 19 years old, I'm 46 now and enjoying it just as much, if not more.

gigi said...


Shay said...

Ahh!! Just the thing to perk up my dreary Monday morning! ^_^ Thanks so much Debbie!

bedroomdancer said...

You are a good writer, as well as the obvious. Good at other things as well. Congrats.

Storm Rider said...

Oh great! I just came by to say "HI" and now I have a flag pole in my pants!
Thanks Deb! Thanks alot!

Anonymous said...

Anytime storm rider...
You know where to cum...
Thanks for stopping in

AlwaysArousedGirl said...

That was awesome--I'm linking you, dear. You two are lucky to have each other, again.

Jay said...

very hot

Desireous said...

"Being taught not to talk with my mouth full" That was too funny! On a more serious note I admire your writing it's very good! And of course I love the content as well! Great read!


Spikey1 said...

Thanks for letting me see that! ;)

rofial said...

Hi Debbie,
First time i stop here. Lovely stirring story. I'll be make it so exciting to fantasize over those co-workers who always are so neatly dressed and, in a short lull of the day, you catch yourself daydreaming of who they can be in the dark hours... How passionate they can get when the night falls... Very much looking forward to sharing CJ's point of view when you are kissing the pillow... ;-)
Till then...