Sunday, November 20, 2005

Ten Guys Fill A Hole-The Answer

They closed in on me; two removed the rest of my clothing. No one spoke - there was no need. The air around me was filled with the tantalizing, tempting, musky smell of man. That musk always draws me to cock, always. The foreman stepped up to the plate first, grabbed my head, and pushed it on to his thick hot meat. He slid over my tongue, his cockhead soon tickled the back of my throat, and that basic instinct hit me – s u c k , suck bitch!
He moaned out his approval.
Most of the crew started beating their meat or massaging their balls now.
One moved next to me to fondle and play with my tits, another started spanking my ass while licking around my asshole and between the puffy lips of my pussy, still another shoved three fingers into my soaking wet cunt.
The others that were still standing by, jerking off, urged them all on. All the sensation, all over my body was exhilarating. I moaned, or least as best I could with a thick cock stuffing my face. This seemed to take him over the edge and I soon felt and tasted the tang of his milk shoot down my throat. He pulled out of my mouth and again, almost instantly, another different smelling, different tasting cock was pushing through my lips, wanting the attention of my tongue, my mouth, and my throat. The sucking and slurping sound of me eating dick again filled the room. The guy behind me stopped eating my asshole and forced his cock up my ass. I groaned in surprise. It only took a couple minutes of pumping and spanking my ass until he was shooting his load. Soon after that, I swallowed more hot cum.
Things were starting to become a blur when they picked me up and put me down on the kitchen table. I was on my back, surrounded by my man crew.
One of the bigger guys mounted me, my head fell back over the edge of the table, and I was introduced to yet another tasty dick. The thrusts into my slippery pussy facilitated my face fuck.
Others encircled me again, sucking and biting my tits, and then I felt the magic feeling of a tongue enveloping my clit. This time I let the cock in my mouth fall out so I could release a loud moan of ecstasy. He didn’t seem to mind and finished by jerking off on my tits. My tits were shoved up to my mouth and I licked them clean of his cum.
By now I had lost track of how many guys had mounted me, fucked me, cum in me, had cum on me, or I had sucked off.
The sharp, musky smell of sex was heavy in the air. I felt drunk. My entire body felt as though there were no bones in it. The pleasure was incredible.

I had cum on the cocks of, and soaked the balls of ten fine men. My pussy was swollen and ached, my ass burned from being spanked and fucked, my jaws hurt from sucking, my nipples stung from being tugged at and bitten, and I loved it all.

My once strong, at attention army of cocks, had stepped back away from me, no longer at attention, flaccid now and dressed in my salvia, pussy juices, or some combination there of. The smiles were larger than they were at first on the highway. This time I smiled and gave each one an individual, snappy salute. With that, they tucked their cocks back in their pants, zipped up, and marched out. I got up off the table, wiped up what I could and got dressed.
I looked forward to getting home and soaking in the tub, for a very long time. I hobbled back over to the window, the crew was finishing up, and we waved at each other. As they drove away, I realized that I now knew the answer to that age-old question – why it took ten guys to fill a hole.

What age-old question will be answered next?
When will Debbie be full? How does CJ do it? Why is Deb such a ‘sucker’ for bad boys?


Suze said...


that was very hot indeed. I may need to go change my underwear now.

stretch td said...

very hot! Thank you for sharing. ;)

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cdb said...

Hey, wadda `ya know! Now there is a hard cock in my pants. Thanks Debbie..