Thursday, July 20, 2006

TK-The Back Story

As CJ put it in one of his comments: Ahhh, Deb and TK.... More later - maybe ;)

Actually, the story is bittersweet.
The events that I am about to recall through twenty years of fog actually began the decline of our marriage.

CJ and I were about 23 or 24 when this story takes place. This was the early 80's, and we eased the pain of the Regan years with natural drugs, namely, some very sweet smoke. TK and his girlfriend were frequent guests to our apartment on the North shore of Ohio when we married, and one particular time TK was visiting things got very interesting.
In the wee hours, after partying for a large part of the evening, we were all ready to crash.
CJ and I went to the master bedroom at the back of our apartment and once undressed, and feeling extremely frisky, CJ asked me if he could 'show me off to Mr. K'. I agreed without hesitation.

I had been in several Debbie sandwiches during college and always enjoyed to the fullest the attentions of two men.
I figured since we were both agreeing on it that it was OK, I wasn't really cheating. I was absolutely flattered by the idea of CJ wanting to 'give' me to his best friend.
TK was enjoyable and CJ watched. At one point CJ couldn't see the forest for the trees. He heard me moaning and felt that I was enjoying myself more with TK than I ever did with him.

foggy memories of my last threesome:

Of course, not true, not even close. TK was pure lustful enjoyment; CJ was that plus so much more.
Things went downhill from there when CJ cheated on me.
I found all of this out after we reconciled. It was then that I realized what the problem was and 20 years later I finally got the chance to assure CJ it wasn't like as he imaged at all.
Moral to the story?
Plan well and keep talking.


Midwestern City Boy said...

Its a shame that it took 20 years to find out what the problem was.

Why is it the women are better at sharing than men are?

Anonymous said...

I don't know.
I think we need to ask our resident expert....Joe from Sharing Dee
Actually I think the male ego is something that, at times, is beyond my comprehension.

Romantic Sex Addiction said...

Always keep talking. It's the secret to a good relationship