Saturday, July 22, 2006

Together Again

OK, so we're a day early for Sex Bed Sunday, but here is our latest entry.

Last night our air conditioning was on the fritz again and it got warm in the apartment. This made for uncomfortable conditions. I did help to heat up things by having CJ read and edit at least two of my upcoming stories.
It was after midnight before we went to bed, we set up a fan upstairs and both took cool showers.
We got into bed with no sheets on top and gave each other long passionate kisses goodnight.

CJ always wakes up early so by the time I was awake he was out of the bed and it was cooling off in the apartment (the system was fixed overnight). I pulled the sheet up and enjoyed the luxury of not having to get out of bed. Soon I heard CJ climbing the spiral staircase and he playfully jumped, yes literally jumped into bed.
I lay there, still kind of groggy, but not for long. That man knows how to wake me up. So this morning my favorite alarm clock went off, the ones on my tits, my nipples being rubbed and tweaked by CJ.

The reuniting that I had been pining for earlier in the week I got with a nice wake up quickie this morning.
His caressing hands quickly moved from my tits down my stomach and to that wonderful little fleshy bud between my legs that exists only for my pleasure. My clit was already extremely sensitive and he played with me lightly. His fingers spread my lips, moving easily down that slippery highway. He found out how wet I had become, how ready I was for him, how much I wanted him.

CJ rolled on top of me suddenly and urgently, his cock stabbed through my lips and inside with stiff heat. My hips tilted and immediately the perfect, intimate,unique rhythm started. At one point he stopped fucking me, just staying inside. I told him that I could wait for it. That I wanted that cock and it was worth it. I started up again, filling me up with his fine cock. I pulled my ankles up until they were behind CJ's neck, grabbed them and rocked, fucking him right back harder. I came and came again then his pace became more desperate, needing to drain his balls. Then my mission felt complete his moans grew, he buried his cock deep inside and indeed he exploded.So by then I was very much awake. We had our coffee and went to one of our favorite diners for a Freshly Fucked Breakfast.


single gal said...

i had a great breakfast this morning as well, not freshly fucked, just there with a nice boy i'm swooning over.
glad you got some - thanks for sharing!

Doublebogie said...

Nothing like a little "creaming" before coffee.

Great way to wake up.

Thanks for stopping by.

Romantic Sex Addiction said...

Very hot, I'm going to share this post to Songbird. She enjoys a early morning fuck too.