Monday, July 17, 2006

Returned and Rested

I am back.
I had a great time with my small family of female relatives. I took lots of pictures, had good food, and plenty of good conversation. Having alone time with the daughter was a bonus.

There were times when I really missed CJ. I yearned for him. Today, after 4 days of being away I was really looking forward to coming home. On my way into Baltimore CJ sent a text message on the phone letting me know that the air conditioning wasn't working. ARGGH!
It was 99 degrees here this afternoon!
I wanted to jump his bones and let him know how much I 'needed' him. I do have limits. It's 88 degrees in our apartment right now (9:30pm) and it's just not conducive to love making.

We have house guests coming into town and staying with us tomorrow.
That's an interesting story that I will have to save for another time. But it will be told, promise.

Now I'm off to visit all your sites that I have been missing out on.
Stay cool everyone...


Midwestern City Boy said...

You should try sex in the heat some time. It can be quite erotic. Watch the movie "Body Heat" with Kathleen Turner if you haven't already and you'll see what I'm talking about.

CJ said...

Good point, but Debs gets soooooo HOT (literally and figuratively) that she has swooned during lovemaking, so a temperate climate has been necessary.

The only thing that helped us last night was a cool shower before beddy-bye time, but the heat took it's toll on us earlier and frankly, I don't think either of us wanted to do anything.

I did try to play with Deb's wonderfully large nipples, but that started to heat her up, and so, we wait.

Not much better today, but I reset the A/C and the compressor seems to be putting out.
And I look forward to Deb putting out a bit later.
And then theres TK and his fiance coming in today to visit us. Ahhh, Deb and TK....
More later - maybe ;)

single gal said...

welcome back!

we all need a good rest sometimes.

MrManicDepressive said...

Why is it that the air conditioning stops working on the hottest of days? Our's is starting to show signs of quitting on us. I need my air conditioning.

Welcome back, I'm happy you had a wonderful time. Have fun with CJ, even if it is hotter than hell.

Kannon7 said...

So good to have you back! We all missed you.