Tuesday, July 4, 2006

Say Cheese

I heard the strangers voice say “Come on help me out here Deb; why did you enter the contest if you don’t want to be here?”
The stranger was a photographer and I was making his job very difficult. There were bright floodlights and screens around me. I was lying on a bed that was strewn with big pillows, dressed in the latest skimpy loungewear from a local retailer. My heart just wasn’t in this photo shoot.

I’m not a professional model. Six months ago my now ex-boyfriend said I should enter a contest to be the girl next door for this retailer’s ad campaign. He had bought some of their lingerie for me, so I agreed to let him take some photos of me and send them in.
Lo and behold last month I got a call from the manager telling me that I had won the contest. At first I was excited, but all that quickly waned. It had been four months since I broke up with my boyfriend and I hadn’t exactly been my usual bubbly and adventurous self since then. I hadn’t been on a date or even out with my friends on one of our escapades lately. I was just ‘blah’. The last thing I felt was sexy. I felt like a fraud on this set. I was brought back through my fog of self-pity with the sound of the photographer barking at the crew. There were some moans and groans, but they shuffled out.
“Give us 30 minutes. I’ll make Debbie a professional”, he said.

Now I felt even worse. I wasn’t in the mood to be treated like a reprimanded schoolgirl.
But it wasn’t like that at all. The photographer finally formally introduced himself as Paul and asked me what the trouble was. He told me that I was coming across as cold and stiff to the camera. I gave him the very brief version of my breakup and life since. He smiled and nodded.
He told me that it was his job to calm me down and make me feel more at ease over the next 25 minutes or so. He’s done it a hundred times with scared models and he knew he could do it for me.
It had been a while since a man had been so kind to me. I believed him and opened up to a view quick lessons so I could do this right.First, he told me to picture the bed as a warm bath and to relax in it. That was easy. I did that and felt better already. He asked me to take off the silk pajamas I was wearing. I was wearing a bra and panties underneath so I looked more ‘shaped’. For some reason I trusted him and did as he said.
“Very nice” he said and took a couple of pictures, stressing that I concentrate on how relaxed I felt.
Then he said something that really struck a nerve:
“When was the last time a man asked to see your body?”
It was rhetorical, but it made think how nice it was that this man was looking at my body.
“Can you show me those big tits? Let me turn them into artwork”
He instructed me to slowly turn down my bra, to let me hands glide across my body. I followed his coaching and it made things easier.
Again more pictures.
In between those familiar sounds of mirrors dropping in an SLR 35mm camera Paul said “Good, very good”
“I bet your pussy is just as pretty” was his next statement.
I really surprised myself then, without even asking, I laid down on my back and pulled off my panties, he leaned in and took several shots of my throbbing slit.
The whole scenario had really turned me on. I was already disappointed that we didn’t have more time together.
By now I felt that I was good friends with the camera and Paul told as much.

Paul pulled the tripod over closer to me and affixed his camera to it, focusing on me as he did it. It was obvious that by now Paul was excited. He joined me on the bed and I was glad for it. We only had about 15 or 20 minutes left until the rest of the crew was going to be file back onto the set. He quickly undressed and unleashed a very stiff cock for me. He seemed to be just as aware of our time limit as I was. I got on his back, pulled me towards him, and said,
“Sit on my face”.
As I did, I heard the camera shutter go, he had a remote and was taking pictures of us. This turned me on; I had never done anything like this before. The flicking of his tongue across my clit was the next and only thing I knew now. I moaned out as he swiftly attacked my pussy with his tongue, plunging into my wet slit and fucking it with his tongue. I leaned over and began to eat up his cock immediately.
I heard more pictures being taken. It was wild, I felt so bad. Sucking on thick, hot throbbing cock and having pictures taken of me doing it! I soon tasted his salty precum and he was shoving his meat as far down my throat as it could go. More pictures, more tongue playing, eating, and nibbling at my clit and pussy made me cum hard on his face.
I cried out, it had been so long since I had a man treat my cunt so well.
Once I came he pushed me off his face, told me to ride his cock.
I climbed on top and jammed that thick stiff cock into me hard and fast. More pictures. I wasted no time and began fucking Paul like a damned fuck-hammer.
As I bounced on his dick, he grabbed my swaying tits, and licked at my sensitive hard nipples. I soon came again all over his cock. More pictures.
He wasn’t far behind, as I heard his breaths quicken I fucked him harder and faster. He groaned out and filled me up with hot gooey cum. A few more pictures.

“Quick, take your clothes, clean up, get back into your silk outfit and I’ll tell them you’re in the bathroom”
“Will you be OK for the shoot now?” Paul said grinning.
“You know I’ll be fine” I answered
I did that as he got dressed and straightened up the set.

As I came out from the bathroom and headed back to the set I heard the lighting guy saying “Sounds as though you relaxed her to me”
They both laughed.
I wondered if Paul told him or whether our moans had gotten a little out of hand. I didn’t care. I was much more comfortable, in more ways than one now and ready to take on the world.

We got started and the hour-long shoot went by very quickly. I think Paul got what he needed. I went back to the changing room to get into my street clothes and finally go home for the day when Paul stopped in to say a few last words.
“We have plenty of good pictures for the store, thanks”
“My pleasure”, I answered
Then Paul asked me how I felt about the idea of guys getting onto their favorite porn site and jerking off to pictures of me. I told him that the idea was sort of exciting. He asked if he could use the pictures from the ‘private stash’ to do that.
I gave him permission. He thanked me and left by saying:
“I’ll get in touch when I need some new material”


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