Thursday, February 16, 2006

Something Old,Something New

With the death of my PC I had to go through files I needed to backup and came across an old story from back in the days when I would send hot email back forth to guys I met online.
Below is that story.
I don't have the file that was the answer to it anymore, but that's where I think things can get fun.
After you read the email, tell me what you would like to see happen either through the comments or by emailing me ( my email is on my profile).
I'll take ideas until Sunday, then pick the theme that is the most common and write the rest of the story around it.
I think it is a fun way to get to know my readers better and therefore we can all have more fun here! goes:

So we've finally decided to meet. Nothing fancy, just a nice restaurant in the city on the river front. I've showered, shaved all the right areas, put on my make up, but I can't seem to decide on what to wear. I'm such a lingerie freak that you could almost call it a fetish with me. I know if I don't make my mind up soon I'll be late and I am never late. I settle on my black thigh highs, my white lace bra and the matching lace panties that go with it. On top I choose a simple black skirt with a white blouse and pale green summer weight cardigan sweater. My shoes are simple black sandals.

I find you easily at the restaurant, not only have you sent a picture, but you are wearing a white rosebud in your lapel. We enjoy our dinner together. We talk easily and openly. There's nothing like a good wine to put on a special buzz that makes me horney. So between the wine, the thought of what's to come with a new partner, and my lingerie, I was getting there. After the meal the waiter comes by to ask us if we want dessert. We look at each other knowingly. I slipped one stockinged foot out of my sandal and quickly run it up your thigh to your crotch. You immediately tell the waiter "No just the check please." I smile and whisper to you "I'll give you dessert later." We pay, pull ourselves together and leave the restaurant.
Using my best naive voice I ask "Where to now?"
You answer playfully, but seriously. "Where else baby, but a luxurious bed." "Sounds good to me" I answer feeling my pussy throb. You had already made reservations at one of the hotels in the city only a couple of blocks from where we ate. Soon it was as though I just found myself outside the door to our room. I have butterflies as you open the door and we go in. You put the Do Not Disturb sign out, lock the door, and dim the lights. I ask if there is a radio for some music. You turn it on and come back to me, taking me in your arms, we sway.
"No games, right Deb?" you say to me.
"Nope, two adults getting what they want", I answer.

You press yourself against me and I feel your stiffening dick
between my thighs. We kiss deeply, our tongues dancing. You nibble my neck as your hands cup and massage my tits. I begin to moan already. "You should know something -- I'm a screamer", I confess to you. I feel so at ease now that I also tell you that I love to talk dirty in bed.
You smile and say "I wouldn't have it any other way."

We continue kissing, nibbling, and caressing each other. You squeeze my tits, move down to my hips and across to my ass and squeeze some more, all while I hold you closer. We gracefully do
this dance until we hit the bed. It's a wonderful king-sized pleasure arena in my mind. I tell you how much I want to make everything good for you. I want you to be the king in that bed. Then I ask if you would indulge me in one of my kinks. "What is it?", you ask unknowingly.
I assure you it's nothing weird and to trust me. I instruct you to take your shoes and socks off and get on the bed. You comply and prop yourself up on the pillows. I stand at the foot of the bed and tell you how sexy I think it looks to see a ma
n in a suit with his hard cock out, especially if I'm naked. I keep swaying, still into my wine buzz as I start to strip. First my sweater drops to the floor. Then I pull my blouse out of my skirt and start to slowly unbutton each button. The lace of my bra soon peaks through. This seems to trigger you. You undo your belt and unzip your pants. Two of my favorite sounds. I smile and speed up my strip tease. Soon it is my blouse falling to the floor. Your eyes are fixed on my lacy bra and it's juicy contents. I put my arms behind my back to unzip my skirt and with this your hand dives into your pants and pulls your stiff cock out from the confines of your shorts. A handsome cock at attention for me - I fucking love it! My skirt drops, exposing my panties and the rest of my silk stockings. You look fantastic, that cock twitching while you're still dressed in your suit. I move one hand behind my back to undo my bra and unleash my tits for you. I want you to enjoy them. By the time my bra hits the floor you are slowly stroking your meat. I can't stand it anymore, my pussy aches and is wet for you. I move to the side of the bed and wriggle my way out of my panties exposing my bare pussy and puffy wet lips. I keep my silk stockings and shoes on and climb onto the bed with you.
"You're a fucking slut
Deb" you say to me, teasing.
"Only for you babe", I answer.

You pull me close and start playing with my tits. You expertly roll my hard nipples between your finger and thumb. I moan and as you tug hard on them I tell you not to stop, that my tits are hard-wired to my pussy. You tell me that now you're uncomfortable and have to get out of your clothes.
"Please do", I answer, giggling.

Soon your suit is a pile on the floor. You cup my tits and bring them into your mouth. I scream out - "Fuck, I love it,mmm"
I feel your tongue explore my hard nipples, making them even more erect and hard. Then you bite and nibble them, turning me on even more. I hold your face to me, telling you that my tits are all yours. Soon you smash them together and suck both nipples into your mouth.
"Ohhh god...don't stop"
All I hear is your slurping. Now I need you and I let you know it.
"I need your cock in my mouth. Getting my tits sucked makes me want to suck cock", I explain.

You push my head onto your cock telling me what a whore I am. I smell your musk and must suck you. I massage your balls as I devour you inch by inch. Your hips tilt to meet my mouth. You moan out as those wonderful sounds of a raven haired woman with big tits slurping your dick hit your ears. I can feel you grow harder on my tongue. You are fucking delicious and I moan out over that meat of yours that's stuffed in my face. After a short while I pull up and off you, lie on my back and demand that you fuck my tits. You straddle me. I hold onto my tits as you slide your now slippery cock between my cleavage. I hug your cock with my breasts as you yank on my nipples.
"Now fuck 'em". I moan out.

rock between my tits. With every slide forwards I either nibble, lick, or totally suck on your cockhead. You start rocking faster and soon it's all I can manage to just lick, just a taste of your hot man meat. Soon you grunt, then moan as you hold your dick as it sprays my tits with white, hot, gooey cum. I lick your cum off my tits as you get off my stomach. You smile at me and kiss me.

You are definitely satisfied, but no where near worn out. So you say to me,
"Now let's see about that steaming cunt of yours." Shivers run down my spine in expectation. It's my first time with you, what do you want with my pussy? So tell me.....


Aragorn said...

Ahhh, lovely story, very, very exciting !! Good thing I am sitting behind a desk ... ;-) Oh my, very yummy ! - A

Brian McNealson said...

I gotta find time to write a response to that one!! Maybe we could chat online sometime?!?

Leprechaun said...

Great story with expected results. It would be redundent to send a picture, so I will just leave what is on my blog. I am anxious to learn just how he sucks that lovely cunt and just how it feels to you. Then I can vicariously imagine being a participant.

Kim said...

I'm letting everyone on my blogroll know, I've moved my blog. My new address is

If you could help spread the word, I'd appreciate it. Thanks!

stretch td said...

very hot.

Storm Rider said...

GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR, brings out my animal!

snikyraven said...

I smile mischeiviously, suckle your nipples and begin to explore with my free hands, one on your breasts the other searching for your warm steaming playground....I find your cunt and swollen lips moist and inviting. Moving, slowly, licking and kissing I make my fingers beginning the massage and exploration my tounge is about to enjoy

lust, sex & Love said...

oh, a very hot story !!!! I would love to read about him sucking and licking your pussy !!! YUM YUM !!!

Shay said...

Oooh what a hot idea and a hot story!

(I should see if any of my old dirty e-mails are saved...)

Anonymous said...

Now I have to take the start of the next part from snikyraven.
Everyting is so well put, how can I deny?
Maybe I'll even be lucky and have some time here at work before I go home this evening....

Leatherback said...

oh good god...I have to take my wife to bed immediately...