Friday, February 24, 2006

The Hot e-mail, Your Turn

Read the first email here
After I sent that e-mail off, I was dripping and my pussy ached with that need to be filled. I pulled out my slim vibrator and re-read my e-mail as I fucked my toy. Needless to say, I came hard and fast.

Now a different ache began – the wait to hear your reply. I was back at my usual place in front of my computer the next evening, but the glow came from my monitor, nothing titillating from you in my mailbox. I went to bed that evening dry and uninspired
I went through my evening routine again the next evening. After loading and cleaning up the never-ending pile of spam, I finally saw it: your reply. My pussy clenched automatically. I double-clicked and ‘poof’ there you were in all your glory. First, you let me know how much you had enjoyed my latest email. You know how I like to hear about your handsome cock getting hard. This time you also included the confession of how you teased and played with yourself until you exploded…thinking of fucking my tits.

I smile as I slowly scroll down your email. My second finger lightly uses the scroll button on my mouse, thinking of it being your earlobe, or asshole, or even your cockhead.
Then you start your story full fledged….

So Dirty Debbie you want to know what I would do to your pussy that first time together.
Yes, I now lie next to you, satisfied, but wanting more of you. I smile mischievously at you, cup one of those luscious breasts I just fucked and suckle your erect nipple. Since I now understand how much you enjoy tittie play. I spend plenty of time at your tit. My hand gently massages and squeezes your 40 D’s as I bite your hard nipple. Your moans move me on now. I lick at your tits, still tasting some of myself on them as I begin to explore with my free hand, I am searching for your warm steaming playground. Your thighs spread as I come closer and you begin to whimper. Finally, I reach my destination and my fingers begin their exploration by gently pushing on your swollen cunt lips. I easily spread them to play with the flower that is your inner lips, you are moist and inviting. Your moans are sweet. Your pussy is a dew-drenched orchid I must experience with all my senses:
Feel your heat and softness; smell your magical scent; see the beauty of that flower, that for now is only mine; heat your moans as I enjoy it; and finally to taste it’s dew and nectar.
I kiss your neck and begin my journey to your flower. Moving slowing I lick and kiss you down between the valley of your tits, slowly moving towards your navel. You giggle as I lick and kiss your stomach. All the while my fingers massage and explore the flower my tongue is about to enjoy. My thumb gently circles your clit as I finger your hot slit, almost slipping inside your now dripping puss.
You put your hands on my head and try to push me to my destination, but I still take my time. I will take my time and will enjoy my feast, as will you Debbie.
I can only tease you for so long. Your pussy is calling to me in so many ways that I must answer her call. I stick my tongue out and run it flatly down between your swollen, puffy, bare pussy lips. I push a little harder with my tongue on the way back, parting those petals so I can go deeper into your hot slot, deeper into your sex flower. You moans wrap around me as you spread your legs wide for me. You squirm more as I nibble on your lips and allow my tongue to flick lightly over them. As I bury my face deeper into your love mound I feel your heels dig into the back of my neck. All I can think is that your long legs are the vines that sprout from your wonderful flower. With you know rocking against my face and holding me to you, I can only now delight in the banquet that is your cunt.
My tongue and lips begin now on your swollen hard clit. First I lick around your tiny rosebud, you twitch and sigh. Soon I must have more and suck you between my lips, sucking and flicking your click. This begins to drive you over the edge.
You moan out and talk to me like the whore I have turned you into. You tell me to eat up your cunt. Debbie, you will never have to tell me to do that more than once. I slurp at your flower, my tongue now exploring you even more, diving into your tight hot hole. Your nectar now is mixed with my salvia and you are soaking my face as I fuck you with it.

I love to make you like this Debbie; I have you just where I want. You taste and smell of you along with your moans and begging has turned me on. My cock is rock hard and dripping, but right now all I want to do is make you cum. I want to drink in your sweet juices. I am ready to take you over the edge Debbie, are you ready for me?
Cum for me Deb…
My finale is that I plunge my thumb into your asshole as my tongue dives into your velvet hotness.
You buck up against my face as your legs wrap harder around my head. I don’t know why you feel the need to tell me, but you scream out to me that you are cumming. I am buried in that orgasm and baby I know it. I soon am drinking your pussy juices from waves of orgasm. Your moans soften to sighs and your vines unwrap themselves from me and fall to the bed. Your are still a luscious flower, but now, perhaps a bit wilted. I get up to be beside you again. You turn to me and smile and I kiss you deeply so you too can taste your nectar.

Debbie, we have now both had a feast, but I consider it just an appetizer. After experiencing you as I just did and making you cum, I must now be with you by being inside you. My cock is raging for you and my balls ache for you.
Debbie I must fuck you, but I want to do you so right.
God I’m so damn hot now. Reply Debbie, reply and tell me how to fuck you.


Doublebogie said...

He beat me to it!
But you already had a reply from me didn't you my dear?
Mmm, lovely post. I had quite a beatiful vision of that sweet flower in reading that.
I can almost taste it still.

ArticRaven said...

Ah took my short words and thoughts and turned them into a great story....
let's do it again

Anonymous said... are snikyraven?
I didn't know with no link...I wanted to give you credit, believe me.
Your words were obviously inspirational and now a third story is due to finish off the whole meeting.
Many many thanks.....

Anonymous said...

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Aragorn said...

Oh my, what a beautiful story ... leaving me quite excited ... And, LOVELY picture ! Hugs - A

The Venting Housewife said...

very hot, now excuse me while I go and um clean up *wink*.