Friday, February 3, 2006

The Right Rx-The Second Dose

Be sure to get the first dose before going on to the second dose.....

"Oh boy did I need that", was all I said.
It was so true. It was hard, fast, and good and that's always better.
I sat up and pulled my panties back up then I started to get my tits back into my bra, before he stopped me there.
"No, I'm afraid you need a second injection"

I looked at his cock and saw he was still semi-hard. Moving closer to me, he took off my blouse and bra then kissed and bit my neck as I started to squeeze and played with my tits. Before long his mouth had moved to my nipples and he sucked them noisily into his mouth, suckling me and getting me hot again. Obviously a mouthful of tit was helping him too; he was hard again, almost harder than before.
Pulling away, he asked me: "Do you suck cock?"
"What a waste of breath." I thought, but I answered simply: "Yes".
"Good that will make the second injection easier", he said.

He instructed me to sit up against the wall, then straddled my legs and moved his cock closer to my mouth. I licked his cockhead first. It had that sensuous taste of his cum and mine mixed together that I love so much. Once I was done cleaning there I moved on to his shaft and took long licks cleaning up our leftover cum.
Finally, I gently soaked his balls into my mouth and swirled my tongue around to clean up all the rest of that pussy juice. I made short work of the task and soon he had a nice clean 'syringe', so I leaned my head back against the wall and waited to see what would happen next.
It was a brief respite. Pulling my head towards his cock, I opened wide and my mouth was immediately stuffed with hot man meat.
He put his hands on the wall above me and just fucked my face.
My tongue was snaking around his shaft as I varied the amount of suction I applied to his cock, and moaning in pleasure, he slowly went deeper and deeper down my throat until his balls rested on my chin. Then he pulled back and slowed down.
I just kept eating whatever I could, anything to get some of that delicious dick. Finally he shoved his dick deep down my throat, groaned, and shot his hot cum down the back of my throat, completing the second injection.

"Well, that's the entire cure", he said as he pulled away.
"I feel much better now", I replied.
We pulled ourselves together, and I signed the receipt for the medications he delivered.
Before he left he told me that if I was ever not feeling well, to call him for a booster shot. I assured him I would and we said good-bye.
Soon after that, I realized I didn't even know his name.
And as I sat down back at my desk I thought:
"I don't think I'll ever lock that door again"


Romantic Sex Addiction said...

Fucking hot. I'm also working on a post about my days of taking care of myself while at work. Loved it. Did I mention that I might have cum in my jean reading this.....

Desireous said...

As is always the case with you Deb this was red hot!!! Great job!


section306g said...

I wish I could write half as well as you!

Kim said...

I need a new job. There's a guy who delivers water to our office that is very cute. mmmmmm Maybe there is hope yet.

Anonymous said...

Thank you all...thanks for all the kind words.
I'm glad that people enjoy my outlet...that's what really matters.

DG said...

Excellent writing. Makes me wanna play doctor right now... "Oh NURSE"

stretch td said...

... and the finish did NOT disappoint!

Pandora said...

My first time here and I'll definately be back! That was hott!