Thursday, February 2, 2006

The Right Rx-The First Dose

"Another lonely day" is all I thought as I sat at my desk at work surfing my fellow bloggers sites and some of my favorite porn sites. Being the ever sexual being that I am I just can't seem to help it and of course, it got me all hot and bothered. I just had to get myself off.
You know how that urge starts to take over your whole body and you feel you just won't be able to think about anything else until you cum.
Since the office would be empty for the rest of the afternoon, I didn't even think about doing it in the ladies room.
Quickly the urge just took over me; I was down on the floor in no time.
Pulling my tucked-in blouse out and up enough to expose my bra, I pulled my tits out, keeping my bra on. It was one of those black satin ones today and I liked the feeling of it on the underside of my breasts.
"Now to get to that moist throbbing pussy of mine", I thought.

Unzipping my pants and pulling them down just far enough so that my hand could comfortable work it, I got up on my hands and knees. First, I pulled on my nipples a bit to feel that pleasure run down to my cunt, and soon I needed to get busier so I swayed slowly from side to side, allowing my hard nipples to graze the rough carpet, sending a constant supply of sparks down my body to my pussy.
With my hand free I move to explore and play with myself. My fingers ran over the small patch of hair I had left there during my last shaving session and pulled at the short pubes.
Then I easily spread my puffy lips to visit that warm, damp, wonderful place where my clit lives. As I started to encircle my clit, my ass and hips moved in small circles while my torso did the small swaying to pleasure my tits. I thought about the wonderful solo dance I was doing.

Then it hit me!
I forgot to lock the office door! I wasn't expecting any clients or reps and it was late in the day, but for safety's sake.. "I should lock it", I thought.
Almost as soon as I thought it, I heard the familiar buzz of the door alarm. My desk is right next to the door, and there I was, totally exposing the fact I was getting off at work.
Looking down, he saw me: it was the delivery guy from the pharmacy.
I was a deer caught in the headlights.
Startled at first, a grin soon came across his face. He was one of those teddy bear kind of guys: a bigger guy with a cute face, charming, and always polite.
I'm sure it was just a split second, but neither of us said anything for what seemed to be an eternity; I wanted the floor to just open and swallow me. Getting up off my knees, I started to pull myself together as best I could, but he stopped me.
"No need to get up miss", he said in a calm voice. Then he put down the bag of prescriptions he had brought on my desk.

I kept watching him, not saying a word, feeling only my body shaking as I stayed on my hands and knees. I could see the tent in his pants that his stiffening dick was making.
"Honey I've got the cure for you" he said as he moved behind me.
"It's an injection, but it won't hurt", he quipped.
Hey, I always preferred the real thing to my hand, so I figured, 'go with the flow Deb'.
"Let's just make sure we're not interrupted." he said locking the door behind him, then moved around my desk to face my trembling self lying semi-prostrate on the floor.
He pulled my panties and pants down to my knees, then lifted my knees up and pushed them to my ankles.

The next sensation was as surprising as it was exquisite. It was the feeling of his warm tongue running down my hot slit. After taking a few slurps, he slipped a couple fingers into my steaming cunt and he moved his tongue to my asshole, tickling my asshole expertly as I fucked his fingers.
Since I was already in a worked up state before he even got there I was aching bad for some real cock.
My pussy was dripping.
He kept playing, changing it up by removing his fingers, now soaked with my juices and slowly inserting one into my puckered asshole. Once that was done, he began eating my cunt again.
This time it was more than just slurping, he was devouring it, sucking on my lips, flicking his tongue on my clit, just feasting on me. I was moaning, but not getting out of control. I wasn't sure what the people in the other offices on the floor could hear.
Next, I heard the sound of his zipper being undone. It's a fantastic sound don't you think?

I looked over my shoulder to take a look. Yummy....what a site - a rock hard thick cock, glistening with pre cum, and just inches away from me. We smiled at each other. He began to slowly stroke himself and playing with his balls.

"Your cure includes an injection. Ready for it?"
"mmmmm", all I was able to say as I nodded my head and presented my pussy to him.
I watched him as he moved between my spread legs. He took one hand and put it on my back to steady himself as he guided his 'cure' into me.
There was no tease. He plunged deep into my snatch fast, straight, and sure. He grabbed my hips with both hands as he rammed what felt hot steel into me.
My waiting, aching, begging pussy grabbed him instantly and met every one of his hard thrusts.
I let out "AAAHHHhhh" almost every time he drilled me, as he let out groans.
Without skipping a beat he bent over me, with my back now supporting him, both hands were free. One found my clit and ran fast circles around it, finding just that spot, the other, tugging on my hard nipples. Being fucked so hard and so fast, I couldn't contain myself very long, and bucking up against him, started to cum.
Soon I had drenched his balls with the juices of my multiple orgasms. He soon followed, moving to his original position so he could cum deep inside me. He smacked my ass as he groaned out and shot his load. He waited a few moments then effortlessly slipped out of me.

Tomorrow....the second dose.


section306g said...

That was the hottest story I have read in ages.

Anonymous said...

Glad you enjoyed...I'll post the second 'dose' tonight, so stand by

stretch td said...

quite a fantasy! Thank you for sharing!