Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Post 02/14

I hope everyone had a nice Valentine's Day.
Several of you mentioned in your comments that you were looking forward to the down and dirty of CJ and Debbie's evening.
Unfortunately CJ injured himself shoveling my mom out after the snow storm that hit the east coast this weekend. With him in pain it would have been too 'forced' and I didn't want that.
He did give me great gifts including Godiva chocolates, lounge pants from Vickie's, an iTrip for my iPod, and he made a wonderful dinner with a tasty wine.
The closeness and talk was all I needed. We spoke of how comfortable we are with each other, how important that is, and how well we're doing together.
Below are some pics, including one of what I gave CJ: a new Lava Lamp, one of his guilty pleasures.


Indigo said...

Hope CJ feels better soon


Midwestern City Boy said...

Tell CJ I saids get well soon.

I hope things get back to normal there as quickly as possible after the snowstorm.

Pandora said...

Oooo a lava lamp! Always wanted one of those!