Tuesday, August 1, 2006

What Is Sex For?

Oh sure that sounds like an easy question, depending on your point of view. Sex is for making babies, sex is for feeling good, sex is for showing the greatest affection, sex gives me something to write about in my blog.

Wondering why I've chosen to speak about all this tonight?
It's something I overheard at work while a group of people were taking a break. Forgive me if the following discussion seems vague, but I want to keep people as anonymous as possible.
A younger woman was speaking to an older woman about certain things going on in her life. A focal point of the discussion was things that her husband wouldn't do. No I'm not talking about in bed, I'm taking about in the home and some of his outlooks on life. The older woman's advise was actually to withhold sex from him. I couldn't believe it! It sounded so archaic. I couldn't hold back in making a comment.
"I vowed a long time ago never to use sex as a weapon"
I didn't expound on it. I saw the woman's face drop just for a second. I knew I made my point.
It's true. I have never refused or held sex back for a certain amount of time to get something I want. The whole thought of it disgusts me.

On the other end of the scale I have never had make-up sex either.
I have had break up sex. When I broke up with guy I was seeing to get back together with CJ there was a lot of guilt (I had already cheated on him) and crying. Then for some reason I got very turned on. I told him to fuck me like in the beginning. The relationship started out as fuck buddies and had gotten more involved. It was pure hard hot fucking, then good-bye.

So other than good old lovemaking, what kinds of sex have you had?
Do you use sex as weapon?
What do you think?


Mr. Husbland said...

Sometimes I use sex as a weapon... I slap her in the face with 'it'.

Ok, I'm drunk- that's not funny

ArkayToday said...

Yes it was. I laughed.

For me there are two kinds of sex. Love making with Mrs. Arkay and Self Satisfaction. The whole online cyber thing, to me, is an extension of masturbation.

There have been a couple hook-ups over the years--'one-time only, that sounds like fun' kind of things. But their infrequency makes them almost non-existant.

I thought I was the only one who never had make-up sex. For us it's not brandished as a weapon, but it's also generally not done when 'not in the mood.' So if there are unresolved issues between us, sex doesn't happen as a side effect.

good girl said...

Is there ever a reason not to have sex? I've had make up sex, break up sex, celebratory sex, stress relief sex, tender sex, rough sex, angry sex, etc. It's another form of communication when words aren't working or aren't enough (for whatever reason).

And I don't use sex as a weapon. Witholding sex would be just as much a punishment to me as to him, not that I would even be able to withold sex from Griz. Besides knowing which buttons to press (and lick) to make it impossible for me to say no, if he wanted me, he would have me, period. That's one of the things I love about our relationship.

Anonymous said...

Some good points made by all...including the funny one, and yes it was funny and yes I did laugh Mr. Husbland.

Yes, for us it's always about both of us being 'in the mood'. Although I don't think CJ has ever heard me say 'not tonight I have a headache'...lol
As for the unresolved issues, we have a rule that we don't go to bed (even if it's sleep, not lovemaking) mad. It's a good rule for us.

And I thought I was the only one that had break-up sex. So I'm not a cold bitch.

So it's all a good thing...it's the passion