Thursday, August 17, 2006

Another Big Event

CJ and I finally got fed up with the dirty gray city. We found a place out towards the 'burbs.
It's green. We'll have a fireplace! We'll have a nice balcony to sit on and listen to the bugs and birds.
Why am I telling you all this?
It's all happening very quickly. We can start moving in on the 1st of September, and should be fully moved by the 8th.
This may cause my posts to be a little less regular than usual (if you can call them regular now).
Please stand by.....


single gal said...

wow! congrats - more room for romping around!

MrManicDepressive said...

Congrats! Get moved in first, then let us know the details. Good luck and congrats again!

Midwestern City Boy said...

Good luck with the new place. You just can't beat a balcony in he summer and a fireplace in the winter. Hopefully it has lots of room and is perfect for the two of you.

O said...

Congrats on your move!! Very excited for you both, and wishing you much happiness in the new place.

Best wishes,

ArkayToday said...

So, which way are you going - north, south, east or west?

If you're headed west, we may now be neighbors.

Desireous said...

Cool, about the move not that you wont be posting as much for awhile. Good luck with the move. I don't evny you there. I so hate moving! But new places to live are always cool!


Anonymous said...

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Dee's Husband said...

Best wishes on the move and in the new place! Don't work so hard that you forget to have sex! ;)


Desire X said...

There is nothing more romantic than a fireplace when the nights get chilly. I can just see you two snuggled up tight together. A glass of warm cocoa and the firelight playing on your skin as you take advantage of the opportunity to keep one another warm.

Now move your asses over! It's cold out here and I need some love too.

Ahhhh, That's better.

This is wonderful news.
Congratulations my beauty.

All my love,

PS. Looks like you have the same spammer we do. tricky little bugger. Gets around the word verification!

Aragorn said...

Congrats ! A fireplace ? Wow, fantastic. Nothing more romantic than slow undressing on a sheep-skin in front of a roaring fire in the winter ... (and, of course, with some champagne ;-). - A

Desire X said...

Aragorn, your turning me on.
Stop teasing. You talk about sheepskin and fireplaces like you've done that before. You kinky little devil!


CJ said...

Ah! Bearskin rug!
Forgot about that one... I'll have to look for one. Thanks guys!

We're not moving THAT far out of the city - about 10 miles - but it's a world away from the noise, rats, and idiots.
Hey, I love big cities; New York is my favorite, but Baltimore central? DAMN!

Wish me the best as well as I take a test friday for a job with a "dream" employer. As fantasy employers go (you know, "who would you kill to work for", this one is at the top. In my profession, it's the peak!

Thanks for the good comments so far. Deb would say hi, but she has her hands full. Fill in the details yerselves!

Spitfire said...

congrats...I just cringe when I hear the word move...or evicted too...don't like that one.

Desire X said...

I have a feeling our darling Deb has had her pretty hands full with giving each room her own special 'house-warming'.

Go CJ, give her a helping hand. Every counter top, every room. I have a special affinity for closets myself, those bars are just the perfect height to hang on to - and so much sturdier than shower towel bars (Home Depot loves me!)

Good luck on the dream job. I have no doubt that your enthusiasm alone will convince them that you're the perfect man for the job.
You have mad skills baby, tell them so!

kisses to you both,


Shay said...

Yay! That so exciting!! ^_^
Sounds like your new place is going to be lovely!