Wednesday, August 9, 2006

Breaking In The Sheets

We just bought some brand new, 400 thread count sheets for our bed. They are a striking combination of burgundy and ivory.
Last night CJ unexpectedly decided we should break them in. I was surprised because he had to get up early for a trip to New York City. I figured my kiss goodnight would be that and only that, but it wasn’t, not by a long shot.

In the darkness of midnight with the ever-present jazz playing on the radio next to me, CJ moved closer to me, kissed me goodnight and kept kissing me. Our warm wet tongues danced together, teasing, and then satisfying. I kept running my fingers through his soft familiar light brown hair with one hand, while the other held his hand behind my neck. As we held and caressed each other, I felt as though I was hanging on for dear life – my dear, my life.

My hips rocked as his hands moved to my bare breasts. One hand kneaded and fondled a tit while he moved his mouth to the other’s nipple and began suckling. That is my true weakest. My nipples are hard-wired to my pussy and I started to melt away. Even the sound of his suckling turns me on along with how he looks with his face buried in my tits. The feel of his tongue across my nipples just makes me ache. And last night I was aching. I swear I could feel my clit and lips swell and swell more as they glided against those smooth new sheets.

I know he was enjoying my moans as he ripped the sheets off the bottom half of me. My legs were spread wide. It was so natural. His hand moved to explore my pussy and there he found a very wet hot slit and a very sensitive clit. He was expert in his play, teasing my body more, bringing it to a critical mass. That absolute need to be stuffed full of his cock. I didn’t beg this time although I could have. I just told him how beautiful he made me feel. He answered telling me that I was beautiful.

Then somewhere between my sighs and moans he entered me. His stiff cock easily rode inside me, splitting my puffy pussy lips, on the juices he forced out of me with his foreplay. Every inch was so hot I couldn’t hold back from telling him so
”You’re dick is so fucking hot!”
He moved in and out of me, slowly for a while, driving me wild and making me ‘bad’. I started bucking up against him and telling him “to screw me…just screw into me”.
Then I felt it, the shiver that cause me to start scratching and pounding on him, moaning out in a warm fantastic orgasm. CJ just keep pumping me, now faster, now wanting his release. He wasn’t far behind me when he came I shivered and came again.

No last night wasn’t fucking, it was marvelous love making. It was followed by ‘I love yous’. It was the perfection of soulmates.

I even had one of my ‘aftershocks’ and it’s been a while since I had that. Ladies out there do you know what I’m talking about here? They are like little flutters rather than orgasms that I get sometimes after a guy has pulled out, but I’m still in a state of heightened sensitivity.

When I woke up this morning CJ was already gone on his train trip to New York, but he left me a little note that said LUV U ! - CJ
On my drive into work I had something else happen to me that hasn’t happened in literally years. When I thought back to last night, I felt a shot of electricity run down to my pussy and I got one of those flutters I described before.
How yummy is that?

He called to let me know he had safely arrived a couple of hours later and I missed him even more.
Baby I loved it, and I’ll always want more. You’re so yummy!

Stay tuned to HNT for a nice shot of our sheets.


Anonymous said...

Can't wait for the pix tomorrow.

single gal said...

i love those shutters! they're may favourite.
yes - can't wait for photos!

Woody said...

Woody loves it when the tits are hardwired to the pussy. All the better for the pearl necklace. The nipples on the new sheets are a lure. Very pretty.