Friday, August 25, 2006


I see that through his comments on the last post CJ has brought our readers up to date on some things that are going on.
I guess soulmates do think alike and I was going to post anyway, just a quickie for now, but as we all know many times they can be just as satisfying.

At this very moment CJ is in our nation's capitol taking a second test for his dream job. I would give anything to see him get this one, not as much for the monetary gain, but for the chance for him to follow his bliss.

As for the sheepskin...yes very romantic, and as it looks from the comments, it's getting very crowded. But I always say the more the merrier! We have a beautiful oriental rug that I inherited from my father that will look wonderful on the new Pergo flooring in front of the fireplace. I actually did most of the decorating of the current apartment around it.

Packing is going along slowly only because there is no need for urgency. We get the keys to the place on the 1st and have to be out of our place on the 8th, so we can take stuff over bit by bit.

The other big news was my birthday was on Tuesday. I came home to our daughter visiting and a great dinner prepared by CJ. One thing he made was Bleu Cheese Deviled Eggs. I love them and will have to post the recipe soon. What makes it so special is that bleu cheese is one of the few foods CJ doesn't eat, it absolutely makes him gag, but he got through making them for me.
Isn't he sweet? Presents were opened. CJ gave me a beautiful Japanese tea set and tea that will be perfect to share on a cool evening at the new place. He also got me an autographed picture of Dr. Ruth, my hero.

There's my quickie, enjoy the weekend everyone.


Dee's Husband said...

A belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Deb! :)


Anonymous said...

Thanks Joe...and not too badly for someone celebrating the 18th anniversary of her 29 birthday!
LOL :)

Woody said...

Happy B-Day Debbie and many more. I look forward to the time when you are settled down and more good tales will flow. Will be watching till then.

Aragorn said...

The orienatal rug will do, but gives more 'rug burn' ... ;-) And, a belated Happy Birthday !

Indigo said...

Happy Birthday :)

........ and best of luck on the move and CJ's dream


Desireous said...

Happy Belated Birthday!!! I am so hoping for CJ and his dream job!!!


Desire X said...

Happy Birthday Deb!
The sheepskin was getting a little crowded... and damp. Plenty of room on the oriental rug though.
Sounds enticing...