Wednesday, August 2, 2006

The Sleeping Pill

It was midnight and time to retire to the cool, 360 count Egyptian cotton sheets on our king-sized bed upstairs. I was going to bed, not as much because I was tired, but because I knew I should. I’m an incurable night owl and if it were possible I’d stay up another two hours. Night owls pay the price at 7:00 in the morning. So off to bed I went.

I washed up, took two valerian root capsules, turned the radio on my night table to the jazz station, and crawled into bed with CJ. After our usual 15 minute before bed chatter, I turned out the light and we kissed good-nite. I laid on my back, enjoyed the sultry jazz and waited for sleep. In no time CJ had turned on his side and was snoring lightly. That man falls asleep like an innocent baby.
Trust me, he is neither a baby, nor innocent.

Sometimes to help me fall asleep I go to the guestroom downstairs, read a good story on a fellow blogger’s site, and jerk off, but I didn’t feel like doing that tonight. To I looked over at CJ’s bare back (we both sleep in the nude), listened to that sultry music and started tugging on my nipples. It was if a little devil hopped on my shoulder and whispered in my ear, “Go for it Deb”.
It didn’t take long for that angel to show up on the other shoulder saying “Let him sleep”
I struggled for maybe five minutes before there was a POP in some primal part of my brain that said “Do it Deb, you know you want it”, and said it loudly.

From there on things were sort of on autopilot. I moved what sheets he had on him down and spooned up against him. I nuzzled his neck and licked at his earlobes. He stirred and softly moaned out. One of my arms moved across his chest, the other across his pillow, over the top of his head.

Suddenly I was startled!

He had been playing ‘possum. He was wide-awake. He flipped me onto my back as he rolled on top of me. He got up from me, spread my legs and kneeled between them. His cock was rock hard when he showed it off to me, stroking it for me.

Next…well, I’m sure you can imagine what happened next.

Do you think some day they will be able to squeeze all that kissing, teasing, licking, sucking, moans, heat, hardness, wetness, fucking, and final muscle spasms into a pill?

I know, at least for me, I would be relaxed and worn out. It would be a great sleeping pill.


ArkayToday said...

I often wake Mrs. Arkay up in that manner. I love doing it, and she tells me she loves it being done.

Ironically, she won't return the gesture. For years I've expressed a desire to wake up to sex--preferably a blow job. Sadly she says she will, but never does.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Mrs. Arkay has my problem of feeling guilty for waking you up. That took me a lot to get over...she has to look at it like getting him up rather tthan waking him