Saturday, August 12, 2006

Zagat's Gives It Five Stars

I want you to have me tonight.
I want to be taken by you and driven wild.

You've already used your charm and smooth talking to finesse me out of my clothing. You are still clothed, but seeing you standing in our bedroom still just turns me on.
"Get on the bed", you ask gently.
I comply and lie on my back, you watch my every move, leering and smiling.
"I starving baby, and I want to eat out tonight."
Knowing how much I like to be tied up you lean over and tie my wrists to the brass-work on the headboard.
You don't join me on the bed quite yet; you strip for me first. You know me so well along with all my triggers that even though you're naked you still aren't on the bed.
"I want juicy pussy to eat" you say in sultry way that turns me on.
You walk around the bed and come closer to me. Standing next to me you hold your cock firmly in your hand. It's stiff and handsome and my pussy throbs for it. You slowly stroke it for me and I moan and beg for it as you get stiffer and I watch as your cockhead points to the ceiling.
"No cock for a while hon, remember I'm hungry", you say as you crawl onto the bed with me.
"You bad girl, I can smell your wet cunt", you say harshly.

"Now let me have that yummy pussy", you say as you spread my legs wide and your face disappeared between my thighs.
You hold my legs down at the knees, keeping me from squirming as your tongue splits my outer lips and takes a long slurp up my hot, wet slit. That simple action caused me to fill the room with my moans.
Taking your time to spend another twenty to thirty minutes just enjoying your meal, which included:
Slow circles around my inner lips at different speeds and pressures. All I am able to do is scream and squirm. Since I can't hold your head, I close my thighs in closer to your face and you kiss and tickle my pussy more with your tongue. Your rough, warm, wet tongue then moves to pay special attention to my clit. Nibble, suck, flick. I cum on you. I'm so wet that I can feel my juices dribbling out of me. Finally, your tongue stabs inside my hole and I buck against your face, fucking it. Your nose rubs against my clit and I cum on your face again.
Your hands move under my ass and push my pussy up to you as you continue your feast, moaning into my hot hole. The room is filled with the sounds of slurping and moaning.
I am weakening from my orgasms. I am light headed. My pussy is swollen, wet, and spent. You know that you have hit the point where my sensitivity has gone over the limit and pull away from me.
You give me a wet sticky kiss and tastes purely of me.

Your cock is throbbing and dripping with precum.

"Thanks for the great meal babe, another five-star rating", you say to me lovingly. I smile back and say "No, thank you. Remember you're always welcome at this establishment"
Then I tell you that you really shouldn't waste that handsome cock.

With that you move between my still spread legs, put my feet and your shoulders and slam every inch of your cock into me, my pussy hugs your dick, we both moan out and know that...

It's all yummy.....


Al Sensu said...

A meal to remember, savory and sweet.

Woody said...

When I read this-"You bad girl, I can smell your wet cunt", I felt an instant rush of blood to my cock. The urge to spend a little quality time with myself, however no time for that at the moment. Love it!


stroker said...

delicious....I came twice

Anonymous said...

Keep enjoying guys, it's what I'm here for ;)

Woody...I hope you got that alone time.

Pawlie Kokonuts said...


DivineLavender said...

Was it the sheets or your man? Whatever it is...I want your sheets or your man type!